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In the beginning there was Uta and Gia known as the first gods, they brought forth their children twins named Belemen and Seten. They were a balance between the light and the dark. Belemen was the embodiment of all that was good and holy in the world, while Seten was the embodiment of all that was evil and bad in the world. Each created races that would worship them.

For many millenniums, this balance stayed strong but eventually as evil always does Seten wanted more, he wanted dominion over all, and a war started between both him and his brother. They each brought forth more creatures to help them in their fight. Seten was stopped 

at every turn by his brother, and this very thwarting of his will drove him crazy. The madness of a mortal is awful; the madness of a god is catastrophic. Now he would stop at nothing to reach his goals, even if it would destroy the very world he fought for. The very

fabric of creation was in jeopardy, so Uta and Gia stepped in banishing both of their sons to a slumber in limbo.
They felt that it was time for a fresh start. They gathered up all of the separate races that were created and gave each their own domain separated by a wall of pure energy that no one could pass. For they would not destroy what was created but felt that each race was 

safer having no knowledge of the others. In the end there was seven realms created, four of which has the children of Belemen and two had the children of Seten. The seventh realm was populated by a race of Mages, who held a strictly neutral stance in the war.

The first gods were not without some compassion they did create tools that could release their sons but they placed the tools for each in a realm of the others children so that it would take great sacrifice in order for it to be accomplished. That and the fact it would
take great power to ever get through the walls separating the realms. They also at this time brought forth lesser children who did not have the powers that their siblings before them had. They were known as the younger gods. Their numbers were four and they each took a
realm of Belemen’s children for they could not continence dealing with seten’s children for they were as mad and crazed as the god who spawned them. 
It was in the realm of the Mages that a gateway to limbo was left that only such tools as were created for each god could open it. To the Mages was left the daunting task of guarding the gateway from ever being used. Thousands of years have passed and for some 

mysterious reason the walls separating the races are starting to crumble and the races are finding out that they are not alone, there is a world out there past their realm. The mad god is stirring and even in his slumber he is sending fillers out to those who would have

mad dreams of freeing him and helping them as he can. Belemen too is sending what help he can to those who would combat his brother’s minions and keep his brother from destroying the world. The younger gods too will help as they can for if Seten ever got free they too
would be destroyed.