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Premise of the Game

The premise of this game is present an area where players can explore and constantly come back to the same areas as they will evolve over time. Players will come in with characters and form their own parties and go explore where they want. They come in knowing only a little bit about the land to the west of Ponddell (the starting village/city) and it will be up to the players to keep the information up to date. Anything published in the wiki is considered public knowledge, so if you post it here, it gets circulated somehow.

Another important concept is that characters can retire and the player can bring in another one, but once a character is retired, that's it. They go the land in the East and retire and all their stuff goes with them. Exploration is only to what is on the map (and maybe what is below it).

The Map (and limitations)

By the nature of the game, I am giving players a set area to explore and check out. However, it is limited to the map area and nothing more. As the GM, I will keep the adventures on the map and it is the job of the players to not think of things that lead off of the map.

Editing the Wiki

If you are going to edit this wiki, please make sure you mark what you are editing and the date you are editing it on.