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Hingham1.jpg Pentingham was established 97 years ago, when a group of worshipers of the goddess Amael were driven from their home, the city of Essex. The group traveled for weeks to find a place where they could settle in peace, with little more than a few tools, a wagon, a mule, and a heaping dose of determination. Prayers to their goddess led them north and east, into the wilderness.

The journey - a tale known by everyone in the town - tells of the collecting of the homeless and hopeless along the way, attacks by wolves, hunger, desperation, and finally, the discovery of the perfect location for a village. The land was flat, the trees plentiful, and the root vegetables and river fish enough to sustain the pilgrims until spring brought animals back to the area. Come spring, they discovered the land was fertile enough to support them, and they set about cultivating what crops they could.

Years went by, and the small group eventually grew to reach a population of nearly 400 souls, with tamed pigeons, turkeys, pigs, sheep, and goats, and even a road now that leads out of the village. It remains remote, far enough away from any other settlement (and without a reason for anyone to come) to host travelers, but one trader does make the trip every spring just after the snow melts.

The people of Pentingham are hearty and hardy folk, and all of a type. Everyone has brown hair, though it ranges from light to dark. Eye colors are green, brown, and hazel. The average height for men is about 5'6", for women 5'1", with outliers only very rarely being more 5 inches different from those heights (in either direction). Women are curvy, men are stocky – the original stock of Pentingham was made up of these body types, and there has been almost no immigration.

The structure in the southwest corner of the village is a small stone castle with a wooden palisade. It was the first permanent building to be constructed, and until the land was deemed 'secure', everyone lived there. Once there was enough security to build other permanent structures, people moved out of the castle and it is now a combined barracks and marketplace. Goods people don't need for themselves are traded there, and there is storage for excess goods no one wishes to trade for at the time. In addition, what weapons and armor the village has is stored there while not in use, and several of the village's young men live and train there under the guidance of the Sheriff. All boys learn some self-defense, but only those who wish to continue on to train as members of the militia.

Beyond the map, the village is surrounded by forest. The roads going off in all directions save the south lead into the trees, either to where a special kind of moss grows or to where trees have been cut down for lumber. Many of them are used when men go hunting for one thing or another. The road to the south is the one the trader uses.

Important Persons


Jen+brunette.jpg The village has a Mayor, Margaret (age 38), who manages everything that requires it and resolves disputes. The lands of Pentingham do not fall within the boundaries of any feifdom, so taxes are not levied. When some community thing needs to be done, those who can donate something to the effort do so under Margaret's guidance. This method has served the village well so far, though growth will likely require some kind of taxation system in the next ten or twenty years. Margaret is a no-nonsense woman with a solid understanding of the purpose of all of the village rules, and is capable of bending what needs to be bent to follow the spirit over the letter of the 'law'.


sheriff.jpg The Sheriff, John, age 43, continues the tradition of passing the art of soldiery on to those boys that wish to learn it. Three of the founding men had formal soldier training, and what has been passed down is fairly close to what they were taught in the service of their lord. He is a stern man that prizes order and discipline and lives in the castle. He has a routine he sticks to, and is never in a good mood when it's disrupted. By far the best warrior in the village, he can always be found when trouble is stirring, especially if it's stirring in the vicinity of a group of young men.

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mage1.jpg The eldest resident mage, Kevin is 47 years old. He is John's older brother and is currently without an apprentice. A bit arrogant and uninterested in whatever is happening in the rest of the village, he is often not found anywhere in particular other than his own solitary home. He has taken up residence in a small hut by himself, but eccentricity and oddity is the hallmark of a mage. So long as he does his part (which he does), no one complains.

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elder1.JPG The oldest currently living resident of Pentingham, Adelaide is 64. She is still quite capable, and serves as the village's main teacher for reading and writing, in addition to being known for her superb apple desserts. She has four children, the oldest of whom is Kevin, the elder mage. Sheriff John is also her son. Some people just love children, and Adelaide is one of them. Known for being gentle and kind, it is common to find young children playing in the area around the household she is in charge of, and she keeps a wealth of toys in a bin that any child is free to play with.