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Full of pirates, drunkards, whores and general ne'er do wells.

"If your pockets are too heavy, head to the docks" is the common saying. Because one way or the other, you will not leave with that which you entered. Be it thievery, gambling or those matters of the flesh, you never leave the Docks with more than you went in.

It's often referred to as "The Suck", for the sink hole of gold that it appears to be, but as a double entendre for its whores best known skills.

There are many pieces of grafitti to warn individuals that they are entering the docks, normally in the signs painted in paint (or blood, no one has checked) saying "Welcome to the Suck" or, usually "Welcum, 2 the suk" by its less language abled citizens.

The best known location in the district is the pirate run brothel "Ben Dovers", a cleverly worded name that most of its inhabitants entirely miss.