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Home to the hundreds of practitioners of magic that call the city home.

The only forbidden magic is enchantment. As it is against Darkstone City law to corrupt or bend the mind of a citizen against their will. Psionics are expressly forbidden across the continent but anyone found utilizing psionics within the city is put to death. The usual method of this punishment is exacted by first wracking the victims body with pain using a combination of spells and more outdated methods, then by decapitation. However, the neck is not severed, the brain is cut in half by the axe of the executioner.

This punishment is overseen by the archmages of The Tower Arcane to ensure it is done properly and that magic is given its due respect. The victim is first offered the option to be stripped of all their psionics by collective arcane magic and left a simple menial husk. Assigned to slave labor for life in Darkstone city.

The Tower Arcane is no place to be foolish, as its mages tolerate very little games.