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Every mythology has a villain. Every happy beginning is ruined by the harsh reality of biological systems.

The elves seek to keep what they were given by birthright. The humans seek only to find their own destiny. The half-elves make their way in a world that didn't see fit to herald them the same way. But none of them are prepared for the war about to break out between two beings powerful enough to shape the world in their own image.

Nothing lasts forever.

Icon Name Faction Race Class Level
red.png Isley Fire Genesi Barbarian 1 (ECL 2)
blue.png Osprey Human, Alaranni Dragon Shaman 2
purple.png Zayl Ra'drani Elves Naridian Elf Duskblade 2
purple.png Lorua Haral Ra'drani Elves Ra'drani Wizard 2
green.png Alminor Alaranni Elves Human Druid 2

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