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The World of Rysylis

Keatish war-band ambushed by archers!


The World of Rysylis is a homebrew Iron Heroes campaign setting inspired by 10th century Europe and Scandinavia, better known as the late Viking Age.

What is Rysylis?

Long ago, when the first Keatish settlers landed on the wild shores of the new world, they came upon a ring of stones in their travels. The stones were inscribed with the names of the Earda, and told the story of creation. In the center of the stones, was a single rune with the word 'Rysylis' engraved upon it. Though the location of these stones were lost and with it most of the knowledge of the Earda, the name Rysylis and the names of the Earda endured.

What to expect?

Players can expect to be immersed in a treacherous world where only the most powerful rule, and good does not always prevail. Kingdoms feud and yarls squabble, while the common-folk just wish to be left alone to tend their fields. In a land with soaring mountains, impregnable fastnesses, sprawling forests, and subtle magic deep within the earth, nothing is impossible.