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See main: Haerland
The entire realm of Haerland is located within the forest Greatwood, just south of Keatland. The Haerlanders immigrated from the north and are mostly akin to the Keats. They left the plains of Keatland in search of freedom from the noble's rules. The Haerlanders are secretive and cunning. Silent sentinels keep watch on the borders of Greatwood, suffering no enemies to enter into their domain. Haerland is mostly self sustaining, though they have to import ores and stone from up north. They trade timber for livestock from Hofland.


See main: Hofland
Hofland is located between Keatland and Nor, nestled in a large vale of open plains and gently rolling hills. Hofland is most famously known for their breeding and training of horses. Hoflanders prefer to live in peace to mind their farms and animal husbandry, but they are a valiant force when mustered to war. They respect their ancestors and fear to dishonor them. Often the warriors of Hofland train to fight on horseback with bows and spears and are considered the best riders in all of Rysylis. Hofland imports very little from other kingdoms but they do not shun trade and are hospitable to travelers.


See main: Keatland
Keatland is centered upon many trading routes and is the most successful and prosperous kingdom. Through many years of conquest, the Keats have claimed a vast territory as well as the fealty of many independent kingdoms including: Velmark, Hofland, and Haerland. Most of Keatlands resources come from within their great realm, though stone and ore is imported from Velmark. Hofland pays a tribute to Keatland in the form of horses and some livestock, while Haerland is their primary source of timber. The Keats are an industrious people and usually tolerant of other cultures due to their diverse trade partners.


See main: Linden
Linden is located far to the south-east on a small island covered year round in freezing temperatures. To the north of the island the weather is more bearable during summer while the far south is uninhabitable by humans. Lindens are akin to the Norians and immigrated across the sea seeking refuge from the wars of the north. They crossed the ocean and settled along the coast until they grew accustom to the weather and slowly migrated south. Towards the mid-west of the island there is a large plateau surrounded on three sides by a treacherous mountain. From beneath the mountain great hot springs and geysers find their way to the surface, warming the otherwise iced landscape.


See main: Nor
Nor is located to the east of Keatland in the western foothills of the White Mountain. The rocky bluffs and impregnable cliffs are a natural defense against invaders, which is in part why the kingdom has thrived. Norians are rustic people with a great sense of honor and loyalty to kin. Considered giants by most, Norians are tall and strong with broad shoulders and squared jaws. The Norian life revolves almost entirely around warfare. Despite the inhospitable landscape, the Norians are able to sustain themselves with what little resources they have. Nor holds no treaty or alliance with any kingdom and often fight amongst each other.


See main: Stromland
Just east of the White Mountains lays the kingdom of Stromland. From the great peaks of the mountain come many rushing rivers and wide streams, that make up the territory of Stromland. The Stroms are excellent boaters and fishers, living in small communities along the banks of these rivers. Because of the many waterways, Stromland has been able to prosper in both combat and trade, being able to quickly transport supplies and goods up and down the rivers.


See main: Velmark
Velmark is situated far in the north, on the slopes of the ice-capped mountains known as Bluethorn. The people of that land are a hardy and resourceful breed of men whose ancestors carved entire cities into the side of the mountain. Their kingdom is located in the capital city of Northcliff. It overlooks a sprawling forest--which fuels most of the Velian growth--and commands a wide and unobstructed view of its southern borders. The Velians are excellent craftsmen, known across the land for their superior weapons and armor, though very few can afford their masterwork goods. The Velians themselves prefer to use long spears and heavy chainmail, although they decidedly oppose outright war and are a rather peaceful people.


The Quadans are a nomadic people that normally dwell in the far east where they can roam freely upon the lush river lands. The people of this land are short and thin, with flat, ruddy faces. Almost all of them have dark, straight hair and round, slanted eyes. They are tough and industrious, but they lack any binding government or permanent cities, and so often dismissed by the other nations. They are excellent riders, often training horses and wild yak as mounts. The Quadans favor bows and scimitars, but rarely wear any armor. The Quadans are often more concerned with survival then with combat. The Quadans are simple people that have strong beliefs with coinciding with nature and animals. Other tribes of Quadans live in northern Stromland, near the great rock forests.