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Hofland is located between Keatland and Nor, nestled in a large swath of open plains and gently rolling hills. Hofland is most famously known for their breeding and training of horses. Hoflanders prefer to live in peace to mind their farms and animal husbandry, but they are a valiant force when mustered to war. They respect their ancestors and fear to dishonor them. Often the warriors of Hofland train to fight on horseback with bows and spears, and are considered the best riders in all of Rysylis. Hofland imports very little from other kingdoms but they do not shun trade and are hospitable to travelers.





A map depicting the borders of Hofland in the year 675.
The majority of Hofland's geography consists of rolling plains and meadows with a few scant mountains to the north-east. The capital of Hofland, Meadowbrook, is located in the lowlands in the center of the kingdom. And like its name suggests, it is surrounded by leagues of meadows with a wide brook running through the center of the city. Towards the south, forests begin to sprout up here and there, though they are rarely visited. Further to the west the ground begins to break up into the highlands, leading to the country of Nor. Those rocky foothills are also avoided by the Hoflanders.

Basic Values and Prejudices

Hoflanders are a rustic folk, simple and kind. They hold to a common-sense law system, enforced by the king and his vassals, though not nearly as strictly enforced as Keatland. Hoflanders are accepting of most cultures, believing that they should judge the individual, not where they came from. Hoflanders also have a great love for animals, though mainly horses. Murdering a horse is the only crime punishable by death. Even during battle, Hoflanders will try to spare enemy horses.

Child Rearing

Male children are raised in the saddle, as it were. No matter the trade or profession, Hoflander males are instructed how to raise, groom, and ride horses. Due to the hospitable geography, children are also raised as shepherds or farmers. Unlike most cultures, females in Hofland are trained to fight in battle. The hardier women are trained to use the sword and shield, while the more lithe women learn the art of bow and arrow. Women also share breadwinning responsibilities with males, and often have professions of their own.

Political Structure

Hofland is ruled by a king, descendants of an ancient line. It is commonly believed that the line of Hofland kings is akin to the royal bloodline of Keatland. All laws are decreed by the king and are carried out by his marshals and captains. Hofland tends to remain neutral in outside affairs, but due to its pact with Keatland, they will ride to their aid if need be. Because Hofland is spread out across a great lowland, most communities are self operating and have little involvement from the king.

Gender Roles

Males in Hofland are among the best horse riders in Rysylis, matched only by Quadans. Most males take up careers in professions that are useful to small villages, such as: blacksmiths, animal husbanders, breeders, farmers, thatchers, etc. Most train with the sword or bow, and can contribute to a militia if need be. Since the kingdom of Hofland is scattered, there is no central army, save for what men are housed at the capital.

While females may be taught the sword, most women are content with homemaking and caring for the family's needs. Females usually pick up careers as leather workers, tanners, or seamstresses.

Miscellaneous Information

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