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Linden is located far to the south-east on a small island covered year round in freezing temperatures. To the north of the island the weather is more bearable during summer while the far south is uninhabitable by humans. Lindens are akin to the Norians and immigrated across the sea seeking refuge from the wars of the north. They crossed the ocean and settled along the coast until they grew accustom to the weather and slowly migrated south. Towards the mid-west of the island there is a large plateau surrounded on three sides by a treacherous mountain. From beneath the mountain great hot springs and geysers find their way to the surface, warming the otherwise iced landscape.





A map depicting the borders of Linden in the year 675.
Linden is a large island in the Sea of Sorrows, south-east of the mainland of Rysylis. The northern coast is the most hospitable geography, where as the south is completely uninhabitable during the winter. Mortal men cannot withstand the below freezing temperatures that wrack the White Lands of southern Linden. The north-coast is guarded by mighty sea-towers named after ancient heroes. The center of the island bears a large mountain range situated on an underground volcano that creates hot springs near its basin. It is only because of these hot springs that the mountain-steads are able to exist.

Basic Values and Prejudices

Lindens are a strong and hardy people who believe in justice and loyalty and honor. They shun the craven and uplift heroes. The laws of Linden are much akin to the common-sense laws of Keatland, though the judgments are handed out differently. If a man commits a terrible crime he may commit his life to the defense of the southern towers, guarding against the evils of the White Lands. He has only to serve the amount of time decreed by the king or justice. If he denies the watch, then he is set out into the southern wilds to fend for himself.

Lindens accept most people that come to their shore seeking refuge. It is a hard land, and the people are hard, but not unkind. Of all the other cultures, Lindens most prefer their northern neighbors, the Stromlanders or their distant cousins, the Norians. Lindens have little love or tolerance for the Keats, though they praise the Velian craftsmanship.

Child Rearing

Male children are raised to survive, above all other things. They are taught how to live off the rigid land and defend one's self against foes. They usually excel in boating, ice-fishing, and hunting. Some take up masonry or smithy work, and almost all children are taught sword play.

Female children are also raised to survive. They learn essential skills of survival and hunting, though they are taught to support the male of the household. At an early age, they learn how to skin, prepare, and sew animal pelts. Some women even learn the skill of hunting with birds of prey.

Political Structure

The king of Linden rules in the capital, Frosburg. His laws are enforced loosely by clan elders. Because of the nature of Linden, each clan is left to rule itself with the king setup as the intercessor of any problems. The village elder is often chosen by lineage, dating back many, many years ago. Their sons or daughters govern once the standing elder gives up his or her seat or dies. If an elder has no heir, he or she must select an heir before they step down or perish.

Gender Roles

Males in Linden are the protectors, the bread-winners, and the authority of the household. Linden males are more apt to having large families in order to strengthen their household. Also, unlike some other cultures, they usually stay with their families instead of campaigning.

If males of Linden are the roof of the family, the females are the glue. The mother prepares food, mends clothing, raises the children, and cares for the father.

Miscellaneous Information

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