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Westerne Rysylis

A map of Westerne Rysylis.
Westerne Rysylis includes the kingdoms and territories of Velmark, Keatland, and Haerland.

The center of this land is covered in gentle hills and plains, kept fertile by the many rivers that flow from the northern mountains. Tall mountains to the west follow the coastline and create a natural defense against invasion.

The Grey Coast to the north is a barren and harsh land populated mostly by puffins, seagulls, and seals. Men of Keatland and Velmark man the great sea-towers that look over the encroaching oceans.

To the the south, the great forests of Haerland soar to the sky, always defended by stalwart warriors who use secrecy over strength. There are many marsh-lands to the south-east that are inhabited by wild-men that hold no allegiances.

Strange monsters are said to dwell in the fens of the Greenmoor, though too few enter to find any truth in it. An ancient stronghold called Mihtighyll once stood guard in these parts, but it has long been abandoned and ruined.

The settlements of Velmark are scattered about the Grey Mountains to the north and all along the coastal lands where trade is made easy by an accessible sea.

Easterne Rysylis

A map of Easterne Rysylis.
Easterne Rysylis includes the kingdoms and territories of Hofland, Nor, and Stromland.

Stromland is bordered to the west by the sprawling White Mountains, out of which flows many strong rivers. These rivers fuel the economy and life of Stromland. The Stone Forest is a natural wonder of tall limestone rocks, sculpted by time and weather to look like towers. Quadans have been known to dwell in these parts, living in deep caves amongst the wildlife.

Hofland is bordered tightly against the realm of the Norians, in a great many fields and grasslands. Their equestrian nature is made possible by their bountiful lands, though drought is not uncommon during harsh summer seasons.

Nor holds the western foothills of the White Mountains. Great river valleys, or fjords, have formed nearly impregnable fortifications that are completely self-sustaining throughout the year.

To the north, clans of Norians dwell in the pine woods of the Snowholt, guarding against fell monsters that occasionally come down through the Iceway.

To the south, the Dimmwold lays sullen and unsettled. It is said a dark menace dwells at the heart of the forest, so it is strongly avoided by travelers and sailors.


A map of Linden.
Linden includes the kingdom and territory of its namesake, Linden. The northern parts of Linden are the most inhabited, while the White Lands to the south are too cold to be settled. The Frosburg is located on an underground volcano that causes hot springs and geysers to rise to the surface. Without the natural aid of the volcano, no one would be able to withstand the freezing temperatures during the winter seasons.

Many strong towers watch the northern and the western coastlines for invaders. These fortresses have become beacons for settlers seeking protection and shelter, thus many have become thriving townships.

The Pinewold and Whitewold are Linden's greatest resource for growth and survival. The woods provide wild game and timber all year round, among other necessary things.