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Of Keatland


The Keats sailed from the east, far beyond the borders of Rysylis. The land was yet void of civilization, a wild, untamed place of immense beauty and treacherous landscapes. Supplied with only the rudest tools and supplies, the industrious Keats set to establishing what is now Keatland. The early settlers fought desperately against the forces of nature, against the wild beasts, against plague and disease, and against each other. Many, many generations passed before any semblance of order was established. Then, the Norians came, threatening the peace that was just beginning to form.

Of The Norian Wars


The Norians came from the far northern territories, seeking a new land. Equipped with great armaments of war, the Norians swept the countryside. The initial raids were utterly devastating, catching the Keats by surprise. But the Keats were no strangers to war and in short order they mustered and fought back. The ensuing battles continued for an insurmountable period of time. And, there was much bloodshed. Keatland was hard pressed to gain any advantage against the giant-folk of the north.

Of Myndill the Mighty


Now there came a man from Keatland with much renown, who was accounted greatest of all the warriors. His name was Myndill, son of Munólfr. When the Norian Wars reached its height of bloodshed, Myndill took charge of the Keatish forces and led a swift and mighty campaign against the Norians. They drove them back to the foothills of the White Mountains, where they were stayed. The Norians yet remain in this land, which was named hence forth (after its people): Nor. When the Norian Wars were decidedly over, the line of Myndill rose to power with, Hammar, the son of Myndill, becoming the first king of Keatland.

Of The Velsh Treaty


From the west came a hardy people known as Velians. They were few in number and seeing the strength of the Keats, they were dissuaded against war and instead decided to pledge allegiance. The Velians were excellent craftsmen and the Keats were still recovering from the four years of war against the Norians. A treaty was signed between the Velians and the Keats, that Velmark would be its own country if they helped rebuild Keatland first. And so it was that Velmark was built to the north in the Gray Mountains--for the Velians loved great cliffs and deep halls.

Of The Keatish Civil War


Now it came to pass that Keatland was established as the strongest nation in Rysylis, but also the cruelest. The kings reigned with an iron fist and there were those who grew angry and rebellious. Finally, a war broke out amongst Keatland. Brothers turned against brothers and fathers against sons, until the land was divided wholly. Three groups detached and fled the fighting. Thus, Haerland, Hofland, and Linden were created. Velmark was also split. That group fled to the east, to live in the White Mountains.

Of The Crossing of the White Mountains


When the group of Velians fled to the east and established a kingdom in the White Mountains, the Norians came upon them in war. But, these Velians had seen combat, though they loved it not. They fought back in their rock strongholds and drove the Norians away--but they were greatly wounded and decided to move once again. Leaving behind the ruins of their small kingdom, they migrated further east, following the living streams of the mountain. Thus they became Stromlanders, the river-folk.

Of The Quadan Invasion


A great host of foreign invaders assailed the eastern shore of Rysylis and set war against the Stromlanders. These folk were savage people with little care for any others. They wreaked havoc along the coastline, destroying innumerable settlements. So fearful of this invading force, that the Stromlanders called for aid against them. The Lindens far to the south, the Norians across the White Mountains and the Haerlanders within their great wood, all came to the aid of Stromland. The alliance demolished the forces of the Quadans. Even now, they are nothing more than a nomadic group.

Of The Great War


When all of the countries were well established, and a generation or so had passed, a king came to power in Keatland. His was called, Reinhald The Terrible. Now, Reinhald sought power and glory above all other things and set out on a great conquest. With Velian pikemen and Hofland cavalry, Reinhald dominated the land in what would be the longest and bloodiest war to ever take place in Rysylis.

Of The Fall of Keatland


Ten years after the Great War had begun, it suddenly ended. Reinhald The Terrible was assassinated by Keatish noblemen who did not support the King's unjust war. These rebels were led by Reinhald's own son, Jarbr, who would later be called, Jarbr The Just. Jarbr took the throne and committed all of his resources to the renewal of peace. Trade routes were commissioned and all willing countries gathered for talks of peace. Keatland's power was forever handicapped by the installment of a noble council that would help regulate the dictates of the King.

Of The Uneasy Peace


Even after the passing of many generations of peaceful existence, many nations held a hidden bias against Keatland and Velmark and Hofland. With the rise of new rulers, many nations began the talk of reclaiming the land that they felt Keatland owed them. Although, that would most certainly mean starting another war. No single nation would dare to declare open war against Keatland, and so they began their secret treachery.