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The Haerlanders are the descendents of the Keats and Velians who fled south after the Keatish Civil War. They settled in the wild deciduous forests that stretched from south Keatland to the coast. The settlers encountered many strange and fell things in the untamed woods, of which many stories have told, but more have been lost. Their beginning is one that is wrought with great sorrow and toil, for families were turned against one another and many perished in the settling of the Greatwold.


Physical Description

Haerlanders are typically short, though slender and quick-footed. Their faces are long and their lips thin and sad. Whatever their color, Haerlanders' eyes are always bright and keen. Blue and green eyes are the most common. They prefer their hair loose and natural with simple decoration. Red is the most common hair color among the clanns of the Bearwold, but their western-kin have darker colored hair.

Racial Package

All Haerlanders receive the following modifiers and bonuses.

Ability Scores

Haerlanders are slender and swift, but due to their exclusivity they don't get along with most people.

  • +1 Dexterity
  • -1 Charisma

Background Trait

  • Forest Born
You grew up among the towering trees of the forest, where you are at your best. Perhaps you feel uncomfortable in a situation where you can see the horizon.
Mechanics: You gain a +2 bonus to all Survival checks in forested areas and may use Survival untrained in such regions. In addition, select one of the following trait abilities:
Ghost in the Green: You can step into a forested area and effectively disappear in the blink of an eye. Your talent for finding cover in foliage is born of years spent in the woods. You can take 10 on Hide checks in the forest at any time, even during combat or other stressful situations.
Tree Runner: From a young age, you have spent as much time climbing trees as wandering the forest floor. You gain a +4 bonus on all Climb checks and retain your active bonus to defense while climbing.
- pg. 24 - Player's Handbook

Favored Class

Haerlanders survive on what the forest provides, but mostly the wild beasts of the land. It is for this reason that Haerlanders often choose to be hunters and trappers.

  • Hunter