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What is being called the War of Chaos has begun to settle down and where there were once seven nations only five remain. The invaders from the Reach halted their advance when their leader was assassinated and reports say their forces have turned on one another, fighting over their conquest. Human civilization is struggling and trying to regroup and regain some stability, though some remain wistful over the glory days of the shattered empire. If there is any consolation for their troubles it is that the Orcs that shattered the union have remained dormant throughout the War of Chaos and show no signs of beginning their pillaging anew.

Today is a new dawn for civilization. Opportunity abounds for individuals seeking to make their mark on the world, and riches beyond imagining lie waiting among the ruins of the empire for the bold and adventurous to discover. However what few have realized is that the Serpent's shadow still lies upon the world, and the secret war has begun anew while the commonfolk live their lives oblivious to what is coming.