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The world has racial pantheons, but the gods accept all worshippers. As the muddled result of interbreeding by all the other hominid races combined (Dawn-dwarf-elf-orc mixes!), humans have no racial pantheon, but may follow any of the gods.


Rakashans worship a Bast who overthrew the rest of the Egyptian pantheon. Their slaves nominally worship Bast, but often have secret devotions, both to those pantheons above and, possibly, older ones from cultures long crushed by Rakashan heels. It is unknown what power, if any, might be maintained by old pantheons such as the Sumerian, Assyrian, Canaanite, Arabian, etc.

The Saurians tend to be animists or totemists, though odd exceptions have been known to worship the civilized gods.

Other religions certainly exist, such as that of the Islands of Dogs. The world is relentlessly polytheistic: the gods are many, but limited.