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Soldiers of Fortune


War rages across the once proud and peaceful world of Delos. The grand kingdom of Salamis, the heart of the world's technology boom, sets to unleash the new tools of war called Mechanika. Steam-powered and clockwork devices now fill the battlefield alongside firearms and explosives. Ossa meanwhile harnesses the power of jade. Powering their own budding technology, while their samurai warriors defend the lands with brilliantly glowing blades capable of cutting through nearly anything. The Watchtowers rule over arcane society has become corrupted with power. Crushing rogue sorcerers, summoners, psions, and any other caster that doesn't submit to their rule. The Cy'ril Empire and its forces, turn back to the dark arts of the old ways. Using the power of blood and calling upon undead legions and demonic forces to combat their enemy. Civil war rips into the Elven Kingdoms of Vidiel. The southern houses having recently allied with the Nagah and their mystical jutsu. The Dwarves of Mauhür prepare for a holy crusade into Nanman against the Wulfin. The ancient dragon Razorback stirs under the shifting sands of the Doriman desert, while the sea begins to tremble from the motions of Kitana the Gold Wyrm. Pirates rule the trade-routes of the island nation of Eban. No ships are safe in the waters of the island chains or the skys above. The wild tribes of the dark east speak in hushed tones of an ancient evil force that has resurfaced in the frozen north and it's amassing power. Has the Cy'ril Empire's sudden heavy interest in reawakening the Old Gods and ways, caught the attention of something even far more sinister from across the Far Planes? The world is sitting on a powder keg and the fuse is lit.