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The Star Frontier Universe


By the year 2065 the US economy had continued to decline as India rose to become the world leader in industry and commerce. In September of 2065 Ashtok technologies developed the first functional warp Drive which was kept as proprietary by the Indian government for 5 years as a database was compiled of nearby planets and the first colonies were sent out to be established. The UN dusted off its old regulations indicating that no extraterrestrial bodies could be claimed by a member nation of the UN, and India threatened to withdraw its membership. Between 2070 and 2075 most nations had gotten a hold of their own warp drive and reverse engineered them, leading to a rush to the stars to claim territory, and the UN finally had to meet to reconsider its previous position. The old rule was repealed and the rush to colonization threatened to turn violent, with small skirmishes erupting on some worlds where multiple nations were attempting to colonize. In 2080 the UN again attempted to settle the issue, and met with remarkable success. Between the belief that there were unlimited stars to colonize the existing colonies were traded and nations with a stake in the process claimed various constellations, largely vying for constellations according to national Identity instead of any strategic decision, which allowed the talks to go remarkably smoothly.


At this point the economy is doing fairly well, and growing steadilly and quickly. Standard starting wealth is $80,000 and the average job income is $10,800 a month. At the same time there have developed huge disparities in wealth, with the wealthiest people having assets arround $8 trillion (6 levels of multimillionaire) while there are still millions who live in poverty.