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Maka-Eekai L4000 Transport.jpg
Kessarah's Charm
Production Information
Manufacturer: Gallofree Yards, Inc.
Model: Maka-Eekai L4000


Class: Light transport
Technical Specifications
Length: 66 meters
Maximum Speed


800 km/h
Hyperdrive Rating: Class 2.0
Shielding: Equipped
Armament: Dual laser cannon

turrets (2)

Crew: Total (4)
  • Pilot (1)
  • Gunner (2)
  • Operations (1)
Minimum Crew: 1
Passengers: 9
Cargo Capacity: 140 metric tons
Maximum Consumables: 6 months
Role(s): Transport
Timeline: Legacy Era

The Kessarah's Charm