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In the year 155 ABY, the galaxy is at peace. After years of struggle the Sith Empire has finally conquered the galaxy. The last remnants of the Galactic Republic were defeated 5 years ago in the Outer Rim. It was not a great battle, or one that will be remembered. Less than a dozen Republic ships had remained, arrayed against the Grand Fleet of the Empire. Emperor Arsaec, a powerful Sith Lord, left before the first shots were fired. The battle was a foregone conclusion.

Since the end of the Republic day to day life in the Sith Empire, for the common citizen, has been largely peaceful. Taxes are high, but not unbearable. Trade goods are flowing. Smugglers still thrive, though the punishments for crime are harsh. One system, Corellia, tried to rise up against the Empire. Over 80% of the population were either killed or enslaved. Since that time other systems have waited patiently and quietly, in no hurry to rebel; they see clearly that the Sith will soon take care of themselves. They are waiting.

The Dark Side consuming them, the Sith are engaged in endless fights amongst themselves. Since the end of the war no less than 27 attempts have been made on Emperor Arsaec’s life. Eight of his apprentices have tried to usurp his power. Six of his governors have rebelled, only to be defeated and executed. Every time a rebellion ends, new starships are built, new Sith are promoted, and the cycle begins again. The Sith are feeding off themselves while they wait.

The Jedi, the guardians of the galaxy from times long past, have largely disappeared. Most were killed by the Sith during the war. Some turned and joined the Sith. A few, a small precious few, remained behind, keeping the lore, history, and training of the Jedi alive. They operate largely in secret, trying to keep the peace. They are waiting.

The galaxy is waiting, with baited breath, for something. Empires have risen and fallen. Republics have come and gone. Surely a sign must be coming, something to mark the start of a new age…