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Stargate: nWoD is a custom setting for use with New World of Darkness role-playing game system. This wiki will detail the World, NPCs, Weapons Modifications, Added Merits and Character Templates and House Rules for use with the setting.

Stargate in the World of Darkness

In the Stargate Universe, humans discovered a piece of alien technology in Egypt, 1928. This technology was studied for decades, until Daniel Jackson learned that it was a device capable of transporting travelers to distant worlds. On the first off world mission, to Abydos, Daniel Jackson and Colonel Jack O'Neill confronted an alien called Ra who had captured and enslaved humans.

It was later discovered that the alien was a Goa'uld, a race of parasitic beings who enslaved humans to use as hosts, and posed as human gods in order to keep them docile. The SG1 team was put together to travel through the Stargate and obtain new alien technology to use in the war against the Goa'uld.

In the World of Darkness, the Stargate program has progressed in the same way as in the TV series. Largely, this will be a game without supernatural beings; instead, the players will be up against Goa'uld, Jaffa, and other aliens as they try to explore the galaxy.

The first chronicle will occur during Season Two of Stagrgate: SG1, sometime after the episode "A Matter of Time." The players will take the roles of the new SG10 (the teams which was killed in that episode) in order to continue the Stargate mission. In terms of timeline, the following will be held true during the game:

  • The second stargate has been discovered in Antarctica, and is now being studied at Area 51.
  • Apophis has “died”
  • The Replicators haven’t been discovered yet
  • The Asgard and the Tok’ra have been contacted, and although they've both been friendly to the Tau'ri, they haven't officially formed an alliance
  • The NID is at full strength, and is acting to obtain alien technology--at whatever cost.

As the game progresses, this wiki will be updated as needed with information on new technology, races that have been encountered, and status of NPC characters.

Please note that the information contained in this wiki is used in good faith under fair use laws, as a fan based and non-official modification of the New World of Darkness system. Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Stargate (II) Productions, SCI FI Channel, Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. The New World of Darkness system is a registered trademark of White Wolf Publishing Inc. Any use of this information on the wiki is intended for personal and non-profit use only.