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Human Template

The Stargate Program is a top secret government program administered with the help of the United States Air Force, and based out of Stargate Command in the Cheyenne Mountain Complex. As such, Human characters in the Stargate Program have a good degree of education and military or other training.

Human characters can either be military or civilian. Military characters are most likely officers in the Air Force, while civilians can be scientists, archaeologists, scholars, medical doctors, and so on. All human characters receive the Hunter Template:

  • Character can choose a Profession. This must be related to their role in the Stargate Program. Each Profession lists two Asset Skills; at character creation, the player may select a free skill specialty in one of those skills.
    • Applicable Professions from the Hunter book include: Academic, Doctor, Occultist (House Ruled to include study about Space), Scientist, and Soldier. If you can make a case for a different profession, it may be accepted.
  • Characters have access to the Professional Training Merit, which can be purchased at creation.
    • This merit works much like Contacts, in that each dot of Professional Training gives you a contact in a different field. Each field must be related to your Profession. For example, an Air Force Colonel might have PT **, and thus have contacts in Air Force (Flight Instructors) and Military (Technology R&D).
  • Human Characters have Conspiracy: Stargate Command (*) for free. They are granted access to Endowments for Stargate Command, and receive a +1 to all Social rolls against other members of the Conspiracy.
  • Human characters have an additional two dots to spend in any merit.
  • Additionally, Civilian characters receive Technophile (*) for free. The specifics are at the character’s discretion, but should be related to their studies or reason for joining the program. They also receive a free dot in Academics, Computers, or Science.
  • Military Characters receive Quickdraw: Firearms (*) for free. They also receive a free dot in either Firearms, Stealth or Weaponry.

Standard Issue Equipment

See Weapons

  • Human Military
    • M9 Beretta Pistol
    • H&K MP5A3 Submachine Gun (or)
    • FN P90 Submachine Gun
    • Combat Knife
    • Kevlar Vest
  • Human Civilian
    • M9 Beretta Pistol
    • Combat Knife.
    • Kevlar vest