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Jaffa Template

The Jaffa are a slave race who serve the Goa’uld, carry the larvae of the Goa'uld parasites, and worship them as gods. Each Goa’uld has an army of Jaffa who serve him at various levels, from simple soldiers or attendants to First Prime, the leader of their Jaffa forces.

Jaffa who join the Stargate program refer to themselves as Free Jaffa, and have somehow broken their allegiance to the Goa’uld and no longer worship them as gods. Players must be able to explain how this happened, and shouldn’t be surprised if their commanding Goa’uld shows up. Jaffa appear to be human; the only cosmetic differences are a tattoo on their forehead indicating to which Goa'uld they belong (First Prime Jaffa have their tattoo branded with gold), and an X shaped pouch on their stomach through which their parasite is accessible.

Please see the character creation page for minimum requirements. The template is as follows, and can be filled in under Powers on your character sheet:

  • Human Seeming (*): Character can pass for human. Rolls to pretend to be human have a +3 bonus if their tattoo is covered; if it is not, they are recognizable as odd, if not alien, and suffer a -1 to Social rolls against those who don’t know about Jaffa, or a -2 against those who 'do' know about Jaffa.
  • Quick Healer (**): Adapted from the Core Book Merit. Healing for Bashing and Lethal damage takes half as long. Aggravated damage isn’t affected.
  • Without Human Emotion (**): Character doesn’t understand human emotions or idioms. Social rolls made against the player suffer a -3 penalty, and Empathy rolls suffer a -5 penalty. However, the ST can rule that certain rolls may appeal to the characters logic instead of emotion, in which case the penalties may not apply.
  • Warlike Species (****): Character gets an additional skill specialty in one of the following skills: Athletics, Brawl, Firearms, Weaponry, or Intimidation. Also, the player may select one weapon (Staff or Zat) with which the character is proficient, to be determined at character creation. The player receives no direct bonus, but when a point of willpower is spent, they receive +5 dice, instead of +3.
  • Jaffa also receive Toxin Resistance (**), Language: Goa'uld (*),and Meditative Mind (*) for free.
  • Jaffa are considered to have the benifits of the merit Naquadah in the Blood without having to take it.

Standard Issue Equipment

See Weapons

  • Mat'tok Staff
  • Zat'nik'tel
  • Jaffa Armor