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Unless otherwise indicated, all weapons do Lethal damage.


Weapons Modifications

In the World of Darkness, several weapons are on par with or equal to the weapons used in the Stargate Universe. All normal weapons listed in the allowed source books will be allowed in the game, with modifications, as listed below. An "E" next to the weapon name indicates that it is listed as an Endowment, and therefore only accessible to players with rank in the Stargate conspiracy, after purchasing them with Merit dots. The only exceptions are for equipment listed as Standard Issue for Jaffa and Tok'Ra characters.

The following weapons are readily available, and work as written in the books (source abbreviated).

  • M9 Beretta Pistol
Damage: 2 Ranges: 20/40/80 Capacity: 15+1 Strength: 2 Size:1/S
  • H&K MP5A3 Submachine Gun (or)
Damage: 2 Ranges: 30/60/120 Capacity: 30+1 Strength: 2(2/3/3) Size: 2/L Special: if a 1 is rolled with a chance die, roll a single die again; if it is 8 or higher, the result is a regular failure, not a Dramatic Failure.
  • FN P90 Submachine Gun
Damage: 2 Ranges: 40/80/160 Capacity: 50+1 Stength: 2(2/3/3) Size: 2/L Special: Ammunition is Armor Piercing 2; ignore Armor ratings up to 2, but do not add dice to your attack pool. If the target has no armor, this has no special benefit.
  • Colt M16A3 Rifle
Damage: 4 Ranges: 150/300/600 Capacity: 30+1 Strength: 2 Size: 3
  • Shock Grenade
Roll is Dexterity + Athletics. If successful, add +2 to the successes scored by the roll.
Damage: 1 (B) Blast Area: 5 yards Force: 2 Special: Knockdown and Stun rules apply.
  • Combat Knife
Damage: 1(L) Strength: 1/S 3

New Weapons

There are also a number of weapons that are not in the nWoD books, so you'll find the mechanics for them here. Because these are built from scratch, the ST will reserve the right to change these mechanics if they become "game breaking' during play.

  • Ma'Tok staff (E)
Damage, Blunt: 2(B)Damage, Firearm: 2(l) Size: 4/N Strength: 2 Special: +1 Defense if wielded in both hands.

Prerequisites: Strength 2, Dexterity 2, Firearms 2.

The Ma'Tok staff is the standard weapon for Jaffa. It can be used as a blunt weapon in close combat (Strength + Weaponry) or as a Firearm at Range or Close combat (Dexterity + Firearms).
  • Zat'nik'tel (E)
Damage 2; Ranges 20/40/80; Capacity: One shot per turn; Strength 1; Size 1.

Prerequisites: Firearms 2.

The Zat'nik'tel is a Goa'uld weapon used by Jaffa shock troops. It is small and handheld; it can be stored on a ckip attached to the forearm, and it must be put into firing position before it can be used (this constitues drawing the weapon). The Zat has three settings: the first shot stuns the target, the second shot kills, and the third disintegrates the target.

First shot:

Dex + Firearms + Damage - Defence. If the successes rolled are higher than the target's Stamina, the target is stunned and falls prone for one minute. Each success above the target's Stamina stuns for an additional minute.If the target is stunned, they can roll Resolve + Stamina as a reflexive and contested action. When they reach or exceed the original successes rolled, they awake.
If the successes rolled do not exceed the target's Stamina, the target takes bashing damage equal to the successes rolled, and is stunned for one round (i.e. misses their next turn). The target may not roll Resolve + Composure, as they will wake automatically.

Second Shot:

A second shot on a currently stunned target deals automatic aggravated damage equal to the attacker's dice pool (Dex + Firearms + Weapon), minus the target's armor. No actual roll is required.
If the target is killed by this attack, the player must make a Degeneration Roll with a pool of 3 dice (equal to Murder). On a failed roll, the player gains derangement at the Storyteller's discretion.

Third Shot:

Dexterity + Firearms + Weapon. On a single success, the target is obliterated with no trace of evidence. This requires that the target is already dead.

Any organic target that is already dead can be shot with a zat with the same effect. Most inorganic objects are not affected, though electromagnetically sensitive objects can be stunned.

  • Intar (E)
Damage: 0; Ranges 20/40/80; Capacity: One shot per turn; Strength 1; Size 1.

The Intar is a special Jaffa weapon used for training which can assume the shape of any known weapon and mimic its effects. It completely non-lethal, and mechanically works exactly as the first shot of a Zat.

  • Tok’Kal Shock Grenades (E)
Roll is Dexterity + Athletics. If successful, add +2 to the successes scored by the roll.
Damage: 1 (B) Blast Area: 5 yards Force: 2 Special: Knockdown and Stun rules apply.
  • Modified Transphase Eradication Rod (E)
Damage 4; Range 200/400/800; Clip 5; Strength 1 (two handed), 2 (one handed); Size 3.

The Transphase Eradication Rod is a weapon developed by the Goa'uld to fight the Reetou, a transphasic entity. The device can detect items or entities that have been cloaked, and some weapons have been modified to fire an energy beam. The modified weapon has three settings:

Transphasic Detection: This confers a +3 equipment bonus to Wits + Composure rolls to detect cloaked items or entities. It offers no bonus to items or entities that are not cloaked.
Energy Beam: The weapon can discharge a concentrated energy beam at distance; functionally, the weapon acts like a rifle with a Damage Rating of 4, and a standard roll of Dexterity + Firearms.
Stun Beam: This functions exactly like the First Shot of a Zat'nik'tel, but works at range. If the player or another player chooses to kill the stunned target, the rules for the Second Shot of a Zat'nik'tel are in effect.
  • Tacluchnatagamuntoron (E)
Damage 2; Range 10; Capacity: N/A Strength 1; Size 1.
The Tacluchnatagamuntoron, or Tc for short, is a small automated weapons system used for protection or traps. When any living target giving off a heat signature enters the range of the weapon, it fires automatically. When the weapon is set, the player programs it by rolling Computers + Firearms + Weapon. The successes gained are then applied to any target fired upon.
The player can also attempt to conceal the weapon after programming it, requiring a Wits + Stealth roll, with a bonus of +1 for the device's small size.
The player may use more than one Tac at the same time. Each additional Tac used adds a +1 to the dice pool of the original roll.


  • Jaffa Armor
Rating: 3/3. Strength: 3. Defense: -2. Speed: -2. Special: Jaffa armor has two "settings:" with the headpiece up, the armor has the appearance of the animal or symbol of the Jafaa's Goa'uld. The headpiece can also be retracted. When the headpiece is up, the Jaffa has a +2 to Initmidate rolls. In either setting, Jaffa receive a -1 to social rolls toward humans (accounting for the fear the armor inspires). Jaffa armor is not bulletproof.
  • Kevlar Vest
Rating: 2/3. Strength: 1. Defense: 0. Speed 0. This armor is bulletproof: bullets are bashing damage instead of lethal.
  • Flak Jacket
Rating: 2/3. Strength: 1. Defense: -1. Speed: 0. This armor is bulletproof: bullets are bashing damage instead of lethal.

Standard Issue Weapons

Any legal weapon will be allowed if the characters chose to use it, so long as they provide an explanation as to how they obtained it, and the training to use it--and keep in mind that most weapons will be readily available through the Air Force or Stargate Command. A character may choose to use something outside their standard issue if they can explain it. (i.e. you don't get a katana simply because you think it's cool.)


  • Zat'nik'tel
  • Ma'tok Staff
  • Jaffa Armor
  • Tok'Kal Shock Grenade


  • Zat'nik'tel
  • Tacluchnatagamuntoron (4)
  • Modified Transphase Eradication Rod
  • Short Range Communication Device

Human Military

  • M9 Beretta Pistol
  • H&K MP5A3 Submachine Gun (or)
  • FN P90 Submachine Gun
  • Shock Grenade
  • Combat Knife
  • Kevlar Vest

Human Civilian

  • M9 Beretta Pistol
  • Combat Knife.
  • Kevlar vest

Other Equipment

  • M.A.L.P
Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe. This device is often sent through the Stargate wormhole ahead of an SG Team to determine the characteristics of a planet, or if there is any danger in the immediate vicinity.
  • F.R.E.D
Field Remote Expeditionary Device. Used mostly on long term missions, the F.R.E.D carries supplies for the team. It has eight wheels, and can navigate almost any terrain.
  • U.A.V
Unmanned Arial Vehicle. Like the M.A.L.P, the U.A.V explores new planets from the air, and can cover a great deal more ground in a much shorter time.
  • Dial Home Device
Found close to most Stargates, the DHD allows users to dial addresses. Because there are thousands of address combinations, a user must know the exact address before dialing. Players must roll Intelligence + Computers to dial effectively; a player has a -2 modifier unless they have the Computers: Stargate skill specialty.
  • Dialing Computer
When humans first discovered the Stargate, there was no DHD present. The Dialing Computer is Stargate Command's answer to this lack. It is a remarkably complex computer that stores thousands of Gate Addresses and dials them when required. Few people are capable of using the computer effectively--Walter Harriman and Samantha Carter are among them. Players wishing to operate the Dialing Computer directly require a minimum of 4 dots in computers, with a specialty in Computers: Stargate. Otherwise, the gate can be opened by request.
  • Stargate
The Stargate is a piece of technology created by the Ancients for off world travel. The Stargate network stretches over thousands--perhaps hundreds of thousands--of planets across the galaxy. They work by creating a stable wormhole between two Stargates, through which travel is nearly instantaneous (taking mere seconds).
A Stargate address consists of seven symbols; the first six designate the destination's point in space, and the seventh is the Point of Origin. Without a correct Point of Origin, dialing a Stargate would fail. When an address is dialed, an energy vortex is emitted from the Stargate, obliterating everything in its direct path before settling into the contained event horizon. A Stargate can remain active for approximately thirty-eight minutes.
  • GDO/Iris Code
When the Stargate was used by Apophis to kidnap members of the SGC, defensive measures were implemented. This consisted of the instillation of an Iris only micrometers away from the event horizon. When the Iris is closed, any objects sent through the other side of the wormhole do not have room to reintegrate, and are effectively destroyed.
Members of the SG teams sent off world are given a "Go Home Device," which can be activated to send a specific frequency to the SGC. This Iris Code identifies the team, and the Iris is opened. Iris Codes are changes regularly.