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This is a list of NPCs. Major NPCs are listed more or less in order of appearance. Minor Characters are listed in alphabetical order by their association. Right now, there isn't much of a distinction between Major and Minor characters. Major Characters will be the ones who either have affected the story in a dramatic fashion, or may have the possibility to. Still, even the Loom of Fate isn't entirely fixed, so I expect NPCs to switch between major and minor on a fairly regular basis.


Major NPCs

Auspicious Tiger

Currently holds the position of Secratary,the closest thing Shanarinara has to a head of state. He was originally voted into office in the month of Ascending Wood, and has been re-elected every month since then. Something of an oddity in Shanarinarin history, as few Secretaries have held their position consecutively for much more then a season.

Hoof Crushes Serpent

Breeze's second in command on the field and the best horseman in the tribe. Stoic and staid, but proud of his position and his skills. Together with QUan Li and Falling Star, comprise Breeze's seconds.

Quan Li

The mayor of a river lander town that no longer exists. A large portion of the refugees came with him when he entrusted himself under Breeze's protection. Good with numbers and logistics. Together with Hoof Crushes Serpent and Falling Star, make up Breeze's seconds.

Falling Star

Astrologer and minor sorcerer. Hidebound and reactionary, but a kind and caring man at heart. Together with Hoof Crushes Serpant and Quan Li, make up Breeze's seconds.

Colonel Zazuh Oldissa

Zazuh Oldissa.jpg

Commander of the 2nd dragon of Shanarinara's New Model Army. The child of Riverlander immigrants, his grandfather was a major contributor to the creation of the New Model Army. Currently, is the youngest person to ever hold the rank of Colonel. Hard working to a fault, he is respected by his peers despite his youth.

Mediator Dancing Willow

SMGD DancingWillow.jpg

The mediator currently assigned to the 2nd dragon. Officially, she is equal in rank to Colonel Oldissa during peacetime, though she defers to him unless she is needed. After meeting with Breeze and the others, she arranged placement of the refugees in the town of Corvan. She values protocol and procedure when she's working, but values a pretty face when she's not. Prone to drinking, she is a very social drunk.

The Boy Shaman, Ralum

SMGD Cubone.gif


Minor NPCs

Breeze's Band

A combination of refugees and the remnants of the Bayit tribe. About 1000 strong, the band is currently living in the Shanarinarin town of Corvan

  • Bull
    • Along with Quiet Thunder, helped save a small group of hunters by rushing back to the band and alerting Breeze and Ink Feather. The two hunters are now among the loudest and fervent followers of Breeze's cult.
  • Mistress Myan
    • A refugee, she has taken it upon herself to care for the orphans who stay with Breeze's band. She has a certain air of authority about her, and children and grown men alike fear her rebuke, though she is generally well-liked otherwise. She keeps her past before joining the band to herself.
  • Quiet Thunder
    • Along with Bull, helped save a small group of hunters by rushing back to the band and alerting Breeze and Ink Feather. The two hunters are now among the loudest and fervent followers of Breeze's cult.


  • The New Model Army
    Shanarinarin's military force. In order to lessen dependence on Guild Mercenaries for their military might, the Senate opted to hire their own mercenaries from the Riverlands. These mercenaries were used to train their own native fighting force known as the New Model Army. Roughly broken up into Dragons of about 500 soldiers, each lead by a Colonel
    • The Second Dragon
      • Led by Colonel Zazuh Oldissa
      • Heavy infantry mounted on armored reindeer. Along with the 4th dragon, these highly mobile troops are often used as first responders against treats. Because of this, this dragon has a disproportionate amount of actual battle experience to back up their extensive training.