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Synthetic Shadows


Welcome to Tokyo

The year is 2067. The World has become a dystopian society of Mega-Corporations and corrupt politics. Where information flows like water through the Cortex, but can be worth more than the lives of a country.

And at the center of it all, is Tokyo. The Largest and strongest city in Asia, and one of the most dominant powers in the World, Japan stands as an example of what Society should strive to be. Sleek, safe, modern, on the bleeding edge of the coming age... At least that's what the news vids say.

the Synthetic Age

Synthetics - the next great breakthrough. The ability to graft artificial components, whether it's an artificial limb, enhanced musculature, or - in the most extreme cases - cybernetic upgrades to cognitive and nervous systems, Synthetics are the next leap in human evolution, and all for an affordable price! At least according the the Corporations.

But the World is not united in its feelings over this technology, a fact that led to the greatest tragedy in Tokyo's recent history.

The Shibuya Massacre

Five years ago. A Peaceful protest organized by the students of a number of Tokyo's universities against the corporate monopoly and control on Synthetic developments and applications, to take place in front of Shibuya station during the unveiling of Kusanagi Industries newest military prototype. Tokyo Metropolitan Police Special Assault Team are on hand to keep the peace between the two factions.

Suddenly the crowd surged, and S.A.T's commander calls a code red, spotting weapons in the crowd. The result is a massacre, with a hundred and twenty five students killed. No weapon is ever found. The Police force was disgraced, many of its officers were terminated or reprimanded, moved to deskjobs and trafick beats. The majority of the blame was pinned on the S.A.T's commander; Nakamura Kenji, who was removed from command, dishonorably discharged and incarcerated for the event.