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One can make brief forays into The Feywild by finding Faerie Rings.

Faerie Rings typically consist of a circle of dandelions or a strange formation of rounded stones with a dandelion in the centre- typically in a clearing of a dense copse of trees. The area, if scrutinized by one adept in Magick, reeks of the arcane and the Fey in equal measure. There is no doubting a Faerie Ring when one comes upon it.

These rings were created by The Fey for their mortal contacts and concubines. The rings allow the traveler and up to three companions to bypass the Crossroads entirely. As flowers wither when demon kind come near- creatures from the abyss are never able to use portals. One may only answer if they discover the pass phrase to activate the ring.

The pass phrase is always found nearby in some form linked closely to nature. Typically brought about my a creature of The Feywild itself- a smart tactic employed by the Fey as demons eat Fey on sight.