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Vintooine Sector lies just beyond the Vorzyd Cluster, a region of space dominated by the Commonality. Organized only two years before the formation of the rebel alliance, Vintooine Sector is one of the newer Sectors of the Empire. The Sector is relatively isolated, sandwiched between the Commonality as one travels coreward, and "unorganized territories” as one travels farther rimward. Vintooine is about as far from the Galactic Core as you can get, located on the edge of civilized space.

The Commonality, Vintooine’s only civilized neighbor, is a confederation of nine sectors dominating the Vorzyd Cluster, effectively controlling Vintooine’s access to the Perlemian Trade Route. The Commonality maintains strong ties with the Empire, wielding significant economic and military power over the final legs of the Perlemian.

Beyond the Sector lies Reaver Space: “unorganized territories” preyed upon by a cult-like nomadic pirate civilization. In Reaver Space, there is no Empire, no Rebellion, no large corporations or governments. Reaver Space, despite boasting worlds with plentiful resources, is underpopulated, relatively low-tech, and completely out of touch with contemporary Imperial society.

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