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151 ABY War. And not in the sense that most have seen. This war is being fought on all fronts: large scale battles, political arenas, espionage, and through trade. There are three major players fighting against one another. The Corporation, The Bharhulai Tribes, and all manner of scum. They are all fighting for the precious resources that lie beneath the landscape.

Water. Minerals. Ore. There is even talk of some spice being grown using the volcanic soil. Whatever the reason, the battles are fierce and deadly. The tribes are well numbered and believe it is their birthrights and destinies to regain the planet from the scum and the Corporation. The scum on the planet ranges from large organizations, to small bands of brigands, but one thing that they do well is fight for the highest bidder. Though in recent times, they have realized that controlling the resources is the best way to line their pockets. And the Corporation; this group has the credits to do so much, but their numbers are not as large as the other two factions.

One thing is certain: no matter which side you fight for, life for you and your comrades will be a hard and deadly one until peace is brought to the planet of Socorro.