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Author: Macario Cervantes



I have played Star Wars Saga Edition over the past few years and took the time to purchase all the books, many miniatures, and even took the time to read a lot of the books all the way through (I do not profess to be a master of the rules). There are so many ways that a character could be built, played, and taken from a first level to maxing the class and prestige class.

This brought a thought to my mind: with the many concepts in the Saga books, why is there always such a linear plot for almost all campaigns? I began to ponder this, and realized that there are many ways that a game could keep changing while still engaging the players enough to stick around. The world of Socorro is a great place to have a good old run and gun campaign. But if we add a few shifting resources, the players would have to make due with what they had OR they would have to acquire these resources. These resources are a source of income and life: Water, minerals, ore. All these things are essential to the growth of a planet both financially and socially.

Now, lets add a few more shifting variables: Factions. The planet is a desolate place and is home to a large number of tribes that are all part of the same race, the Bharhulai. Most of us know a little bit about Socorro, but that is all in the past. During the Legacy Era, anything is possible. Many of the tribes have come to accept, and use daily, the tech of off-worlders, engage in trade with others, and some have even left Socorro in order to learn more about the Galaxy. Many corporations have come to the planet in order to use up the resources for financial growth. And lets not forget the many... entrepreneurs that also want to use these resources to pay off debts, gain renown in the underworld, or maybe they have a more planetary sized ambitions, as there is no real government on the planet. What ever the reasoning for the characters to be here, the severity of their actions can have great effects on all factions and peoples of the planet.

Keeping this in mind, the resources that are sought after are somewhat a rare commodity. Water can be found in many underground lakes, though most are only enough to support those that control them. Still others are massive in size (equal to small oceans), and are in contested areas of the planet. Minerals can be found in some of the large bodies of water and also in certain mountainous regions. But the most rare of the resources is the Ore. To date, only 3 large deposits have been found. Each faction currently controls one Ore deposit and exports the ore off-world and for use in their refineries.

Getting Started

Accepted Saga Guides

  • Accepted Game Guides: Core, Clone Wars, Starships of the Galaxy, Scavengers Guide to Droids, Force Unleashed, Scum and Villainy, Rebellion Era, Legacy Era, Galaxy at War, and Galaxy of Intrigue Unknown Regions.
  • Required Game Guides for Organization Founders: Force Unleashed (for organization creation and reference)
  • Required Feat for Organization Founders: Natural Leader (Force Unleashed Guide, pg. 34)

Requirements and Character Creation

  • Starting Level: 10
  • Accepted Classes: Noble, Scoundrel, Scout, Soldier, and any Prestige class that your character is eligible.
  • Accepted Species: Human (Tribes), near-human (Corporate and Criminal organizations; GM's discretion)
  • Starting Credits and Gear: 15,000 credits starting; All gear will be taken with the licensing fees; Gear upgrades/modifications done AFTER acceptance to the game.

, Stat Rolls and HP Rolls: Put these in the Dice Rolls Thread. One post per player, edit your posts (without changing any rolls please), the following formula will automatically reroll 1's and 2's. Thanks to Phuse for pointing that out to me and giving me the formula.


Application Process

  • Read the description of each faction carefully then choose which you want to apply for.
  • Come up with a concept that would fit that faction.
  • Go to the Application Threads and post your FINISHED application in the thread specifically for the faction you want to join.
  • Follow these guidelines:
    • Name
    • Destiny / Background
    • Backstory
    • Appearance
    • Any information that you think is RELEVANT to the application
  • Post you character progression in your characters application thread/post
  • Await the results!

Player Requirements

Currently War in the Galaxy campaign is only being played on, and with the universe of this campaign expanding to greater lengths it may one day be a large part of the Legacy era history. In the mean time, there are a few Play by Post (PbP) rules that apply. These requirements are going to be evolving alongside the players that fight in this war, and the rules are all subject to change.

  • The same site rules regarding user interaction apply.
  • Players will refrain from Meta-gaming.
  • Players must post 10+ times per week (Sunday-Saturday) as this will keep the game moving along.
  • Players will lose rank with in their respective organizations if their In Real Life (IRL) posting drops below the agreed upon posts.




Note From the Author

The following descriptions are a continuous work in progress, and some of the concepts below will change with the lore that the players will add to each faction. The Bharhulaiwas taken from and is referenced as a source of lore already given publicly regarding this specific planet and places.

The Bharhulai Tribes

The Bharhulai were one of several nomadic tribes that inhabited the planet Socorro. The Bharhulai roamed the northern polar regions of Socorro, and used crude weaponry and simple clothing. They were known for fiercely defending their territory and attacking any who dared to enter their lands. The anthropologist Arner Figgis believed that the Bharhulai may have descended from a crashed colony ship and regressed to their savage state, exemplifying his survival-regressive-isolationist theory.
Nearly 200 years later, the Bharhulai have learned to accept modern technology. Though they lack some of the higher education facilities that other s,theys have, they are very intuitive and are eager to learn new technologies from throughout the galaxy. It is rumored that they defend their lands so fiercely because they have many underground lakes, and a few mines, though there have not been any major ores or minerals previously discovered on the planet.
Many of the Bharhulai take the life of a soldier or survivalist, but with the recent acceptance of technology, more have taken on tech jobs. They also have some Force sensitive persons in their tribes. Though they do not accept some of the traditions that the Jedi have, and since they worry about the tribes versus self preservation, so any Sith teachings is completely opposite of their way of life.


There have been many corporations over the span of history in the galaxy which have done good and evil deeds that shaped the politics, culture, and borders of nations, systems, and even whole sectors of the galaxy. Here on Socorro, the resources are only found in certain areas of the planet. Most corporations here are from offworld, but a few of the more civilized individuals have set out on a more modern and lawful venture. This isn't to say that corruption is not found in these corporations, but it is still a business that needs tending.
Many of the characters that join a large corporation have aspirations for gaining many credits, they may prefer running a private security detail, or maybe they are charismatic enough to be some of the top officers on the corporations cabinet. Many bounty hunters have done the dirty work for these corporations. No matter what a persons reason for being a part of these organizations, the only thing that matters to them is to protect and gain more assets.


Socorro has had a long history with the scum of the galaxy. There isn't much to say regarding the structure system of these organization unless you are involved in one, you wouldn't understand how these organizations work. What is known about these folks is that they are only worried about more credits by any means necessary. This has been the downfall of many corporations, and the deaths of many innocent peoples in the galaxy.
Many of the scum that join these organizations are corrupted by greed, hatred, and self-preservation. Most have been shunned by the Galactic Triumvirate, persecuted by the Sith, and turned away from the Jedi teachings. They sometimes even walk the line between conflicts. They wish only to gain riches at the cost of others.


This campaign relies on a three-way-war concept that is introduced in the Star Wars Saga Edition: Legacy Era Guide; a war between 3 groups fighting over the galaxy for supreme rule. In this campaign, we will minimize the scale at which the war is fought. Taking it down to a planetary level gives the game a more personal environment, and should make the players feel more invested at the cost of damaging family and friends lives with each mistake they make.

Please read War Battle System for more information on this subject.