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Designed by Macario Cervantes


The Basics


Welcome to the War!Congratulations on taking your first steps toward victory. The following paragraphs contain all the basics that you need to get started on the battle maps.

How Do I Win

By defeating all of the opposing players units by reducing their Size to 0, or by the opposing player either retreating from the area or surrendering the area. Some battles may require one side attempting to achieve specific objectives or one side preventing the other from achieving these goals.

Creating a Unit

Each Units stat is generated by a 55 point buy in, allocated by the player who controls it. For example, if you spend 1 point on your Attack stat, that stat is increased by 1. So, if a units Attack is 10 and the player adds 5 points to that stat, the units Attack stat is increased to a total of 15 (10 + 5 = 15). Here is a list of the stats and their function:

  • Attack: Represents the units attack stat, and is used to attack an opposing unit. The Attacker adds this number to a 1d20 attack roll. If an Attacker is successful in an attack roll, deal the attackers Kills Stat to the defending unit.
  • Kills: Represents the units kill stat, which determines how much of the opposing units size is reduced. An attacking unit will take kills if the defending unit defends against an attack roll
  • Defense: Represents the units defense stat, which opposes an opponents attack. The Defender adds this number to his defend roll. If a Defender's defend roll is successful, the Defender deals 1/4 of its Kills stat (rounded down) to the Attacking unit.
  • Size: Represents the units size stat, which indicates how many members are in this unit.
  • Battle Points (BP): This represents the units total points earned in battle. BP accumulated adds up over time and will gain the unit a rank.

Here is a Unit Sheet with code:

[size=5][b]<ENTER NAME>[/b][/size]
[b]RANK:[/b] <ENTER RANK> <>  [b]BP:[/b] ### <> [b]STATS:[/b] [u]ATTACK:[/u] ## -- [u]DEFENSE:[/u] ## -- [u]KILLS:[/u] ## -- [u]SIZE:[/u] ##

Who Goes First

Each Player rolls 1d20 and the higher number wins. If there is a tie, the attacker wins the roll.

Attacker vs. Defender

If the battle takes place on the controlling players area, the controlling player is the Defender. The player who wishes to control the area is designated as the Attacker.

Rounds and Phases

Once the turn order (who goes first) is set, each player takes their turn in a round. At the start of each players turn they have a Start Phase which they can perform certain battle options (see Advanced Tactics below). Only one battle option per start phase. Here is what an opening round should look like:

  • dave:"LETS DO THIS!!" [ROLL="Initiative"]1d20[/ROLL](18)
  • Lily:"...shut. up." [ROLL="Initiative"]1d20[/ROLL](2)
  • dave:"WHOOO!"
  • Lily:"Just take your turn please!"
  • dave:"ok... my first squad is going to attack your team 2. i have a 15 Attack. [Dice]1d20+15[/dice](25)
  • Lily:"Team 2 has a Defense of 20 that I add to my roll..." [dice]1d20+20[/dice])(38)
  • Lily:"WHOOO! Team 2 has 20 Kills, so Team 2 takes out 5 of you Squad Size"
  • dave:"AARRGGHH! ok... so they have a size of 18, that means they are reduced to 13"
  • Lily:"Ok, Team 1 has a 14 attack and will attack your squad 1 [dice]1d20+14[/dice](32)
  • dave:"Nice roll! Squad 1 has a 19 defense sooo... [dice]1d20+19[/dice](31)
  • dave: in episode 3 style "NOOOOOOOOOooooOOOO!"
  • Lily: in Nepoleon Dynomite style"YEESSssssssssssssss... I do 20 kills to your Squad 1"

The battle continues until in this manner with each player stating their intention before rolling.

Retreat or Surrender

During each battle, both the Attacker and Defender have the option to give up and not lose more to the Size. An attacker has the option to Retreat during a battle at any point (yes, even before the battle commences), as well as the Defender being able to Surrender the area. Each unit simply withdraws from the area and receives 1 BP,br.

Battle Points

Battle points (BP) is like Experience points for your units. Each point earned by a unit is designated to that unit. BP cannot be shared between units. For example: unit 1 has 20 BP, unit 2 has not earned any BP. Unit 1 can not give unit 2 10 of its 20 BP. BP is accumulated over time to gain rank for each unit. Seethe Unit Ranking System for a list of Ranks and the required BP needed to achieve that rank (Benefits to be added soon).