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Below is a list of all the Soul weaves and a description of what they do. They are labeled by, Least lesser or greater, Denoting which level of Weave they are. Then by the Spell level equivalent in parenthesis. Then by Range and Whether a save is allowed, and if so what kind and what it does. Then finally the kind of Weave it is.

Saves for Weaves are determined in the same way as Spell saves and use the Soul weavers CHA to determine save DC's.

Least Weaves

Arms of the Glabrezu -Least (2nd) *Augmentation*-
Grow two extra arms that grant a +4 to Grapple checks and gain a +3 insight bonus to STR. These arms are nearly identical to your own at sprout from just above your hips.

Astral Sight -Least (1st) *Augmentation*-
See normally in darkness and magical darkness. Gain Darkvision 60 feet or add 30 feet to the distance of your preexisting darkvision. Your Sight pierces all magical darkness. As this is an augmentation weave it count towards you soul splitting limits. This Weave lasts 24 hours.

Enrage the soul -Least (2nd) Range: 50 feet, Will save negates, Duration 1 round/level *Virulent*-
The target is forced to attack the Soul weaver. You fill the subject with so great a rage that it can do nothing but focus on engaging you in personal physical combat. If the subject threatens you, it must make a full attack against you using a melee weapon or a natural weapon. If the subject doesn’t threaten you at the start of its turn, it must move toward you (taking nothing but move actions) and end its movement as close to you as possible, taking the most direct path. If it gets close enough with a single move action to threaten you, it stops and makes a melee attack against you as normal. While under the effect of Enrage the soul, the subject can make use of all its normal melee combat skills, abilities, and feats—either offensive or defensive. However, the subject can’t make ranged attacks, cast spells, or activate magic items that require a command word, a spell trigger, or spell completion to function. The subject can’t make any attack against a creature other than you.

Legs of the spirit hare -Least (2nd) *Augmentation*-
Your legs grow powerful and lithe. You gain a +6 luck bonus to Balance Jump and Tumble checks for 24 hours. Also your jump has no height limit for its duration. As this is an augmentation weave it count towards you soul splitting limits.

See the ethereal -Least (1st) *Augmentation*-
Your eyes glaze over a milky hue when you activate this Weave. This weave is dismissible at any time. When you activate this weave you sight on the material plane is robbed from you but you instead gain sight on the ethereal. A warning, You can see on the ethereal plane, and the Ethereal plane can now see you. This counts and jaunting to the ethereal plane even though nothing but your eyes are there.

Shield of soul -Least (1st) Target: Shield touched, Duration 1 round/level*Virulent-
A Shield of soul weave allows you to enchant one shield so that it hovers near and attempts to protect one creature of your choice. The Weave’s recipient is chosen at the time of weaving and cannot be changed. The enchanted shield remains within 1 foot of the creature for the duration of the spell. The shield’s subject is then granted a shield bonus to AC as if it was wearing the shield. The spell permits the enchanted shield’s subject to use a two-handed weapon or a weapon in each hand and still benefit from the shield’s effect. This Virulent Weave is one of those that counts towards your Soul splitting maximum for its duration.

Soul bore -Least (1st) Range: 100 feet, Fort save negates, Duration 1 round/level *Virulent*-
You create a lingering decay in the spirit of the target. If the target fails its saving throw, it takes 1 point of Constitution damage each round while the weave lasts. This Weave counts as a Soul split for its duration.

Soul surge -Least (1st) Range 50 feet, Ranged touch attack, *Virulent*-
You create a ram like force that can strike with considerable power. The force can target a creature or an object. The force deals 1d6 points of damage to the subject. If the subject is a creature, this attack initiates a bull rush (as a Medium creature with Strength 30, for a +10 bonus on the bull rush attempt). If the subject is a movable object, such as a door, you can make a Strength check (with a +10 bonus) to attempt to force open the door.

Spider walk -Least (1st) *Augmentation*-
You are effected by the spider climb spell for 24 hours. Aslo while under the effect of this Weave you are unaffected by magical or mundane webbing.

Spiritual vestment -Least (2nd) *Augmentation*-
Gain a bonus to AC equal to your Cha modifier (If any) for 24 hours. This Armor bonus is effective against Touch attacks.

Spiritual vibrations -Least (2nd) *Virulent*-
Destroy objects as the shatter spell. Unlike the shatter spell you can also destroy cloth and wood objects. Also Unlike the shatter spell this is not a sonic effect it is a force effect.

Lesser Weaves

Astral awareness -Lesser (4th) *Augmentation*-
Gain Blindsight 15 feet or Blindsense 30 feet.

Aura blast -Lesser (3rd) Reflex save negates (See text)*Virulent*-
All creatures within a 10 foot you must make a reflex save or be knocked prone, regardless of save they still take 1d6 force damage.

Chilling Blast -Lesser (3rd) Fort save Negates (See text) Range: 35 feet, *Virulent*-
5ft area burst deals 1d8 Cold damge and Slow on a failed fort save. Fort save negate slow effect only.

Claws of the inner beast -Lesser (3rd) *Augmentation*-
When you cast this spell, your hands become natural weapons that deal 1d8 points of damage each or your normal unarmed damage, whichever is greater. You are considered armed while this spell is in effect. If you are Small, your claws deal 1d6 points of damage, and if you are Large, they deal 2d6 points of damage. You add your Strength modifier to your claw damage rolls. Your claws work just like the natural weapons of many monsters. You can make an attack with one claw or a full attack with two claws at your normal attack bonus, replacing your normal attack routine. You take no penalties for two-weapon fighting, and neither attack is a secondary attack. If your base attack bonus is +6 or higher, you do not gain any additional attacks—you simply have two claw attacks at your normal attack bonus.

Coating of the Gelatinous cube -Lesser (3rd) *Augmentation*-
This Cube inspired transmutation causes the subject to secrete a slimy clear layer of jelly that coats its skin, armor, and equipment. A creature that strikes a slime-protected subject with an unarmed strike, a touch attack (including a touch spell), or a natural weapon takes 1d8 points of acid damage. Any creature in a grapple with the Gelatinous coat takes 1d8 points of acid damage at the beginning of its turn.

Lancets of mist - Lesser (4th) Reflex save halves, *Virulent*-
A thousand tiny needles of mist deal 4d6 damage in a 15 foot cone. Those inside the cone may make a reflex save for half damage.

Spirit wings -Lesser (4th) *Augmentation*-
You grow a pair of Spectral wings you can use to fly at a speed equal to your land speed with good maneuverability for 24 hours.

Soul Flensing -Lesser (4th) Fort save negates, Range: Touch, *Virulent*-
When you use this weave you begin to rip and tear the targets soul the shreds dealing 2d4 Damage and 1d4 CHA damage. This Weave acts like any other touch spell, you may hold it in your hand indefinitely, But doing so Eats up a soul splitting slot.

Transcendent visage -Lesser (3rd), Fort save Negates (See text), *Augmentation*-
Your eyes begin to let off an eerie fog. Creatures that meet your gaze must succeed on a Fortitude save or take 2d8 points of damage.

Greater Weaves

Body of the spirit guard- Greater (5th) *Augmentation*- Your body shimmers away into nothingness for a moment and then you suddenly reapear, yet, you are hard to pin point exactly. you gain a 40% miss chance to all attacks.

Touch of the dread wraith -Greater (5th) Fort save negates (See text) *Augmentation*- Gain touch attack that deals 2d6 damage and 1d8 constitution damage. Your hand becomes a Steaming mass of black shadow, and anything you were holding in it is automatically dropped. A successful fort save negates the Con damage.

Mantle of the soul -Greater (6th) *Augmentation*- a Flowing Cloak appears about your shoulders and unfurls in a form befitting your appearance and persona, this cloak grants a +3 deflection bonus to AC that effects Incorporeal attacks.

Spirit lords gift -Greater (6th) duration 2 rounds/level *Virulent*- You gain a +4 enhancement bonus to Dexterity, a +3 luck bonus to Armor Class, a +5 luck bonus on Reflex saving throws, a +5 competence bonus on Spot, Listen, Hide, and Move Silently checks, and proficiency with all simple weapons plus the hand crossbow, rapier, sap, short bow, and short sword. You also gain the Weapon Finesse feat and the evasion ability. You deal an extra 3d6 points of damage whenever you attack an opponent that you flank or an opponent denied its Dexterity bonus to Armor Class. This extra damage works like the rogue’s sneak attack ability. You lose your Soul weaving ability for the duration of the weave. While this weave is active it eats ALL of your Soul splitting allotment.

Lash of the soul -Greater (5th) duration 1 hour/level *Virulent*- Create from your own soul an Ethereal whip, This whip counts as ghoust touch for incorporeal enemies as well as dealing an extra 1d6 force damage. You may create as many whips as you have arms. While this is active it eats up a single soul splitting slot regardless of how many whips you create.

Shape others Soul- Greater (6th) Range 25 feet, Will save negates *Virulent*- This is a wholly foul Weave that transforms a creature into an inoffensive form. This effect functions like the baleful polymorph spell, except that 24 hours after being transformed, the subject is entitled to a second saving throw (at its original save bonus) to spontaneously resume its normal form. If this second save fails, it remains in its new form permanently or until restored by some other means. This Weave cannot be used more than twice per day.