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Racial History

Racial Modifier's

  • +2 STR +2 DEX +2 CON -2 INT -2 CHA. Gelflings are tough and strong but the joining of their bodies with the Gargoyles has slowed their minds and turned their skin to stone, making them a little slower and less attractive.

  • Monstrous humanoid (Earth). Gelflings are Typed as Monstrous Humanoids with the Earth subtype. Due to their Gargoyle Heritage.

  • Medium Size

  • Gelfling Base Speed is 30 feet

  • +2 Natural Armor Bonus to AC

  • Darkvision with a range of 30 Feet

  • Freeze (Ex)- A Gelfling Can hold itself so still that is appears to be a clothed statue. In this state they are mistaken for statues. A DC 20 spot check proves this to be false.

  • Their Elf heritage makes Gelflings immune to sleep effects. They must only meditate for 4 hours a day like elves. Though they can only achieve the state of mind to do so once a day.

  • Wing-Aided Movement - If a Gelfling has enough room to flap his wings (Usually 10-12 feet), he gains a +10 circumstance bonus on all jump checks. In addition to this, for any vertical jump made with this boost the distance is doubled (This only applies to vertical jumps and do not require a 20 foot running start).

  • Flight (Ex): When a Gelfling reaches his 5th character level, he becomes able to fly at a speed of 40 feet (Good maneuverability). A Gelfling can’t fly while carrying a medium or heavy load or while wearing heavy armor. A Gelfling with flight can make a dive attack. A dive attack works like a charge, but the Gelfling must move a minimum of 30 feet and descend at least 10 feet. A Gelfling can make a dive attack only when wielding a piercing weapon; if the attack hits, it deals double damage. A Gelfling with flight can use the run action while flying, provided he flies in a straight line.

  • Stone Weight - Gelflings Cannot swim. They Automatically Fail any and all swim checks. Though they instantly sink to the bottom and are able to walk along it, provided they have a way to breathe.

  • Level Adjustment +1

  • Favored Class: Any divine class. A Gelfling with levels in a divine class Treats that class as favored. (Only applies to first divine class taken)