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Racial fluff


The Shakai-Lar haven't always been the Shaki-lar. They were once elves, a small community of forest dwelling elves that would move from place to place in a forest to make sure they did not overuse the forests resources in one place. They lived peacefully with all the animals and among their number had a few powerful druidic elders as well as a few Spirit shaman medicine men with a single mage along with them he was not of their tribe but they treated him as if he was.. All this seems an age ago to even the oldest Shakai-Lar. They do not miss this however, they view those old days as equally pleasant as what has happened to them. The Shakai-Lar were transformed into what they are now by a ritual gone wrong. Once long ago on a journey to a new forest they came through a darkened and uncomfortable section of forest that during times their horses and pack animals would get paniky and near bolt off unless their handlers were touching them directly. They all felt a presence in the area and it made them uneasy. As they traveled along they began to hear whispering from the trees " Come with usssss little elvessss." and " The darknesss greetssss allll who embrace her". The druids and shamans were sent to the tree line to find what it was , 1 druid and 1 shaman never came back. They decided to stop and force these creatures out. They called the mage who Cast a true seeing spell upon himself and scanned the trees. What he found there he did not like. A dread wraith, a powerful dread wraith, he called for small bag from his wagon and told the druids to cast a hallow spell around the camp. The druids began hallowing the ground as the mage cast a binding spell on the wraith. once the wraith was bound he looked through his bag for a diamond, a special black diamond. He took it out and called for the druids again. He told them that he was about to bind the creature to a gem so that it would never again effect the land. The elves smiled and nodded letting him know that nature would be pleased.

He began to cast the ritual of binding the creatures soul but as this happened the druid that was lost came back through and saw the wraith on the edge of the camp. She did not know it couldn't move nor was she aware that the ritual was being performed. She unleashed a powerful Healing spell upon the undead filling it with positive energy destroying it near instantly. The trouble with this was is that the moment the Dread wraith was destroyed the soul binding ritual was finished. This caused a backlash and the spell exploded out sending the Shadows and negative energy that was left of the wraith rocketing out into the camp and the elves. The binding spell that had been in place was transferred to the elf that killed the wraith by arcane whim, but what happened to the rest of them. The rest of them caught the soul of the dread wraith and the soul binding spell. This bound the shadows and in-corporeality of the Wraith into their own, thus creating the new race Shakai-lar.

When they awoke to find that near all of them had been changed into new creatures they at first were shocked. But as time went on and they found they had gifts from this transformation they oddly celebrated it. They freed the elf that made them and honored her as a hero. Her name was Gwendalla Fuanmother. The mage elf that had been effected like the others began to experiment and research this new transformation. He concluded that it could be redone for any that wished with a ritual akin to the circumstances that had made them originally. Though Gwendalla did not wish it performed for her. She said " It is my gift to you. Live it and pass it on to your children. I shall remain an elf and ensure that others of our kind know what you are. I name you the Shakai-Lar. The Shackled Shadows. It is both a gift and a curse. Please rejoice in the gift and forget the curse.". On that day she left them to go spread the word among the elven nations of their new cousins.

Since that day they have never left that part of the forest where they were created. They feel at home there and call it "Shadows rest". All Shakai-lar are welcome there whether born or made.


The Shakai-Lar still adhere to a somewhat shamanistic tribal setting. Only there is a new council, comprised of The Druid Selentishar, The Cleric of The Dread Herder Sil-Vathis, The Wizard Feraldass, and the Warlock Hamareshan. The Selentishar is the Community leader as it were. The lord of the Shakai-lar. Though all large decisions are made by a majority vote of the council. The councils word is law and all Shakai-Lar respect that. A new council is ordered every 500 years.

Apart from the pomp and law side of it. The Shakai -Lar are fun loving kind people that welcome all to their homes. They have no formal weddings oddly. It is simply a matter of meeting the eyes of one and finding yourself transfixed in their shadowy soul. When two adults declare themselves wed it is respected by the whole tribe. There need be no rings no ceremony only a declaration to a council member that they are now one.

They tend to be rather Neutral in their views of the laws of other people but will Adhere to a code of their own personal creation strictly. So as such they are most often Neutral and occasionally lawful. They can be chaotic as well though it is rare.

They Are most often found willing to help others if they are able lending themselves to a Good alignment. Though the Taint of the Wraith still haunts their souls allowing for neutral and Even Evil Shakai-Lar. And Evil Shakai-Lar is a scary thing to think about the cunning of an elf tied with the powers of shadow and the want to kill.


The Shakai-Lar Have changed in the years since the initial change. At first it was only in their eyes. A flickering shadow behind them was almost ever present. But as the generations went on They began to change more and more. Getting taller and a bit less lithe. Today in the 6th generation of Shakai-Lar They stand at an average of 5 to 6 feet tall. Though there are still those among them that retain elven height.

They Are more Athletic than their city dwelling cousins and typically weigh 150 to 200 pounds for the males. While the women are more akin to their delicate cousins. The women weigh 90-125 pounds and only reach about 5 and a half feet. Though of course as with all races there are exceptions to be made.

Shakai-Lar Typically Have Raven black hair with Streaks of pure silver. But it can occasionally be a pure silver or pure raven black. The Females keep their hair sleek and long rarely wearing it up. The Males also keep their hair long but often back in a ponytail or some kind of intricate braids.

Their skin can be fair and pale as their city cousins or tanned. But a rare few wear their shadowy heritage on their skin Turning it grey or obsidian black.

Mechanical statistics and ablities

+2 Cha

Shadow creature subtype.


  • Common and elven. Bonus languages are Darkling, Auran, Terran, Undercommon, and Sylvan. They may be taught others

Darkvision: 60ft

Bright light Weakness: Take a -4 to all rolls in daylight equivalent lighting [Sunlight or daylight equivalent spell] . And loose use of all supernatural abilities. [ Abilities already activated are locked on until character can access full darkness. Which can provide problems in that the character might not be able to interact with objects or food or water.]

Shadow meld (su): When standing in a shadow [ not a characters shadow] the Shakai-Lar can absorb into the shadow and reappear in a CONNECTED shadow no more than 20 feet away [ This counts as a move action]. This can be done during a grapple on a concentration check with a dc of 15 ( or more depending on DM's discretion).

Shadow soul (su) Can become partially incorporeal whenever in shadowy or darker areas. The effect lasts until dismissed and grants a 20% miss chance as well as minor phasing through objects. Object must be no more than 6 inches thick, Width does not matter. And also the Shakai-Lar cannot use this to bypass a magically sealed door. Normal locks are fine but an Arcane lock will bar passage. When phasing fails the DM makes a Secret roll to see if the character gets stuck for 1d4 + [hardness of the object] Rounds. When shifting to the form the Shakai-lar can not Phase armor only clothing. The DM will make a percentage roll to see if his weapon comes along with him [35% chance] ( Ghost touch equipment stays with the user always. Any piece of equipment with the Ghost touch type can be touched and manipulated by the Shakai-Lar). This ability cannot allow you to bypass armor or living tissue. While in this form you still carry all your mortal needs. Such as hunger thirst and sleep.

Shadow curse (su): The taint of their soul is inevitably the Shakai-Lar's downfall. Where age and disease fail The Shadows inside Prevail. When a Shakai-Lar is knocked unconscious or stunned he must make a will save [DC 16 +1 per two class levels] Or loose a portion of his soul to shadow. This soul loss Results in a loss of -2 CHA and - 2 con and can only be restored by a greater restoration spell when on any plane or land other than the shadow plane [ or realm equivalent]. When on the shadow plane This loss may be restored by a restoration spell. This can be gained multiple times and the effects stack. If you hit 0 CON you die instantly. If you hit 0 CHA you become completely introverted and must make a Will saving throw of 15+1 per day every day until your CHA reaches at least 1 or be consumed by shadow and turn into a wraith.

Shadow borne : Shakai-Lar gain a Racial +2 to all hide and move silently checks.

Forceful will : Shaki-Lar Gain a +1 racial bonus to will saves.

Elven Blood : For all effects related to race, Shakai-Lar are considered elves.

Warlock and sorcerer are their favored classes. The arcane and shadow energies within them promote spontaneous casting

Level adjustment +2