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Custom metals:


Normal Special metals

As normal Save for When on Kirrandas Mithril and Adamantine are expensive and rare. Un-mine-able save for outside the veil. They Trade it with their own metals of note so The rest of these metals are attainable outside of Kirrandas.

Blood iron

  • Blood Iron, when made into a weapon, grants healing of 1/2 the damage dealt to any target. However it must be attuned to the user first. It has to be "Fed" once a month with 5hp worth of blood from the user or otherwise to retain the vampiric effect as well as any enchantments upon it.

Blood Iron Armor: So long as you deal damage that round, you heal 1/4 of the damage dealt out

Blood iron is 30% heavier than normal

  • Price
    • For Weapons add 1500 to the base price
    • For Armor add 500/1000/1500 for Light/Medium/Heavy armors respectively

Now a note. This Metal is EXTREMELY Hard to work with properly so to craft with it Add 10 to the crafting DC of any item made from it. Also For the purposes of enchanting. This metal does not take to enchantments well. To enchant an object made of Blood iron You must multiply the cost of materials and XP by 2. Also every +1 modifier it receives Adds 2HP to the cost of feeding a weapon.

Fallen Steel

Fallen steel is a pitch black ore with Runners of Silver through it. It is often thought to be hitrine by those ignorant of the difference.

Fallen steel is Lighter than normal weighing 40% less than normal.

  • Fallen steel When crafted into a weapon has a natural transmutation effect so it bypasses all metal based DR.

Fallen steel armor can accommodate any size shift on the user.

  • Price
    • All weapons created with fallen steel add 1700g to their base price
    • All armors only add 600

Fallen Steel after initial forging into bars, Fallen Steel mutates Between a liquid and a Solid. Staying one way for 1 week at a time and then shifting back. This creates a window of time that one can create something also. it means if you fail to craft something out of Fallen steel that the Metal components are not ruined but you must wait another week to attempt it again. To Craft with fallen steel add 5 to the DC After Creation all Fallen steel items are considered to Instantly upon creation to be a +2 craftsmen bonus.

Fallen steel Can only be enchanted with Bonus modifiers No other special enchantments such as flaming or Seeking.


  • Glamorite Is almost never made into weapons because of the natural glamor effect it has when worked. Armor made of Glamourite looks like normal clothing and allows for the use of Disguise self 2/day as the spell at a 10th level caster.
  • Price
    • For the odd weapon made from this material you must add the price of 400G to the base price.
    • For armor however you add 1000/2000/3000 Gold to the base price for Light/Medium/Heavy armors respectively.

This metal in its base form looks like normal iron. However Once it begins to be worked it shifts and twists its appearance but it itself does not change. This makes Glamourite Very hard to work with without goggles of trueseeing. Without Goggles add 15 to the Craft DC with them only add 5

Glamourite can be enchanted but you must spend 1.5x the normal XP to do so.

Shade steel

Shade steel[ Also called light essence] Is made from blood iron fed for a period of 1 year exclusively with shade blood. After which point it can no longer be handled by anything Save for Shades or Humans.

Shadesteel Is a darkcrimson red that has the same sheen as blood. It feels like like smooth silk to the touch and is as sharp as a razor no matter what you use it upon.

Shade steel is 60% Heavier than its iron counter part (Totaling at a 178% increase in weight from normal) and shares hardness with Adamantine

Shade steel weapons are considered to be Darkling bane [ Darklings are any Werewolf, vampire, ghost, undead and the like] for an extra 2d6 damage Shade steels strength is also determined by the HD of shade blood it is fed. Normal effect * Points up* Is only 5 HD of blood. 10 would bump it to 3d6 and a stun effect and 15 HD would make it a greater bane weapon

If any armor is made of Shade steel, it allows for +1 (5hd), +2 (10hd), +3 (15hd) vs all abilities, and to AC vs Darklings

  • Price
    • Shadesteel Weapons Add 4000g to their base price
    • Shadesteel Armor adds 1500/3000/4500 To the base price of Light/Medium/Heavy armors respectively.

Crafting Shadesteel is dependent upon the HD of Blood it was fed. for 5HD add 3 to the Craft DC for 10HD add 7 to the Craft DC and for 15HD add 13 to the DC.

Enchanting Shadesteel is impossible and can only be imparted with Craftsmanship bonuses up to +3.


Hitrine Looks to be a purely Blackened Steel with veins of luminous Gold streaming throughout it. It has a dull Waxy sheen to it and feels perpetually warm to the touch.

Hitrine is also lighter than normal Weighing 40% less than normal.

Hitrine Weapons are naturally Undead bane and have ghost touch properties. And as such Incorporeal non undead can touch and use it as normal armor and gear.

Hitrine armor is Undead guard. +1 to all saves and ac versus undead along with 1d8 of reflection damage when attacked.

Hitrine Weapons are treated as Undead bane imparting a +1 bonus to hit and an extra 2d6 damage.

  • Price
    • Hitrine Weapons add 2000G to their base price (Undead are very common and thus demand for this metal in weapons is high)
    • Hitrine Armors are Quite Rare as the metal requires that the Armor be Custom made for the wearer if it is anything other than a chain shirt. And a Body mold is needed.
      To get Hitrine armor takes 1 week and an added 1700g to the base price
  • - Chain shirts are simple enough that the rings can be made generically.

Hitrine Can be enchanted as normal.


Gemmite is a Soft yet sharp bit of Crystal that is usually prismatic and partially see through. It can be Slightly Multicolored if worked to be as such.

Gemmite is mage bane any wounds caused by it suppress magic for 2d4 rounds. And armor made by it are considered to be 100% spell failure to any type of magic. Wearing armor made of it confers Spell immunity to anything up to 6th level and SR 20 to levels 7+

  • Price
    • Gemmite Weapons Are Highly coveted by any wishing to have security over magic assault. Add 12,000g to the base price of a weapon.
    • Gemmite armor. Is perhaps the Rarest thing to be seen in ALL of Wavermoth. Add 15,000g to the base price of any armor made from Gemmite.

Gemmite Armor is of course un-enchantable But it is also to fragile to impart of Craftsmanship bonus to either.

All Gemmite is unaffected by any spell that is harmful to it (Such as shatter). And has a 50% chance of nullifying even helpful magics when cast on it.

Gemmite Has the Same hardness, Weight and HP as Glass. And as such Should not be used in circumstances where risking it breaking would be present.