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The Nameless Reaper

Also Called the Clawed one, The Dreaming Scythe, and The Dread Herder. He is an Enigma Always Shrouded in black hiding behind his cowl. His hands are pale white and he wears a Matching set of Bracers upon his forearms. These Bracers seem to be made of Shadow and death itself, have long sharp blades coming from them that run down past his hands. As if Scythe blades were affixed to these Bracers instead of stave's.

Not a soul knows his true name for he does not speak to many whom he is not taking to his kingdom. And those he does speak to often Never speak to others about such a meeting.

  • Domains
    • Death
    • Knowledge
    • Oracle
  • Favored Weapon
    • The Nameless Reapers Favored weapon is a Scythe or sickle made of Fallen steel.

  • Alignment
    • The Nameless reaper is a Neutral god. And only Clerics of a Neutral alignment may follow him. He is Death itself and Death welcomes all into his embrace eventually.

His Clerics are often Liberated Humans upon Kirrandas or those Clerics across Wavermoth That specialize in Giving the rights of passage for the dead. The Clerics of Deaths hand they are often called they are kind but hold no sympathy for the dead for they Know they go to a kinder master than the ones they had in life. The eldest of these Clerics can tell when a person is close to death.

His Clerics Wear a pitch black Robe with small Skulls Sewn into the robe at different places. And when performing the rights with wear a pure white robe and have a black skull painted upon their face.

Gaelred, The blood god

One of the only living gods is also the god of The Vampires. A Tyrant and blood hungry war monger Gaelred vies to overtake the entirety of Wavermoth. Though Being a living god has its drawbacks. He is Mortal, very much so. When he absorbed the essence of War he lost his natural vampiric regeneration. He is VERY paranoid however so getting near him is near impossible.

  • Domains
    • Pestilence
    • Madness
    • Domination
    • War

Favored Weapon: Gyrspike

Krynna Stormcloud

The only human god.

Krynna was born to a runaway slave woman. Krynna’s mother had been with the child of her master before running away. She had escaped because she knew that her child would not survive under the supervision of this man.

When Krynna was born, her mother was very ill. Finally, her mother became so ill that she knew she had to give in and send her baby to a place known as a kennel. Krynna grew up there, where she was trained to be a slave. She was very unique. Her hair was raven-black, her lips were blood-red, and her eyes were the most unique. Her left eye was a deep-sea blue. Her right eye was a royal purple. She was in the habit of hiding behind her hair, using it over her face as a veil between her and the world. Because of her beauty, it was decided that her flesh would not be touched by a male hand until she was sold.

They found that the best punishment for Krynna would be to lock her in a small dark room alone for a time. The time varied depending on the severity of her disobedience. Because of that, she was partly afraid of the dark. She loved light, and color and the brightness of the day. Even inside the Veil was a welcome sight to her at first.

She was a very rebellious slave and her trainers learned from a young age that normal ‘corrections’ were futile, because she seemed to enjoy them rather than fear them. An expert was brought in and it was found that this little girl was very unique, being masochistic to the point of nearly seeking pain if she was struck but only once.

Finally at the age of 23, Krynna was put up for auction. There was a bidding war between two men. One was a vampire lord, the other a mysterious hooded man with a clawed gauntlet. The vampire backed off once he realized who his opponent was, and the man with the gauntlet claimed his prize. Krynna still refused to be broken by the trainers, so she still had a biting tongue. This caused her a bit of trouble before they got home, and he found out firsthand about her unique qualities. She continued to disobey, and his punishment was to claw into her and tie her to a lamppost, bleeding, nearly dead. He told her that the only way he would untie her was if she submitted and asked him to save her.

While tied to the lamppost, she had a conversation with a very interested vampire. When he advanced, he was met with Krynna’s new master’s claws. It started to get dark and finally she submitted.

There were more incidents after that, where her master learned more about her, and she learned that he was a powerful werewolf. Finally, they started to love each other. They kept each other company at night and she found that he was really rather caring.

One day, during the drawing mists, they found out the hard way that they had mice and no more food, so they decided to brave the mists. They actually got through, to a bright, sunny place, and never went back. A short while later, they had 4 cubs and became mates, the equivalent of marriage for werewolves of Kirrandas.

She Became a goddess Several years after she had her cubs. The essence of the goddess of Light saw her basking in the sunlight which she once governed and decided to give Krynna her powers. What the sun goddess didn't expect was that Krynna would be strong enough to manifest her own.

  • Domains
    • Masochism ( Detailed below )
    • Sun
    • Healing
    • Fire

Favored Weapon: Mace adorned with dull studs


  • Chaotic Neutral

Krynna's Followers are generally Clerics, though there are known to be Fighters, Rangers, and Rogues among them. Though she embraces all who enjoy life and all it has to offer even pain. Her Clerics and those that frequent her temples wear a Dark black lace veil if they are female and a Dark cowl so their face cannot be seen if male. Along with this her clerics and Temple guards Wear a Black tabard with a red rose loosing its petals at the center. Some followers go so far as to tattoo this mark into their body

Her clerics must prepare their spells in a certain ritual where they inflict 4 points of sub-dual damage or 2 points of HP damage to themselves in the process.

Clerics of Krynna are bound by faith to free a slave if he or she so wishes it, or keep a slave and his or her master or mistress from being separated if the slave does not want freedom. Krynna's followers must also protect those that they know to be innocent. If a follower of Krynna is unsure of a person's innocence, they are not bound to do anything. Clerics who follow Krynna are allowed to do her bidding even if it goes against the laws of the region they are in.


New domains


Deities: Krynna Stormcloud

Granted Powers:The rare user of this domain enjoys physical pain to such an extent that they gain a bonus to one roll equal to half of the Damage taken on a single attack. (The bonus from this must be used within 1d3 hours of gaining the bonus)

  • Masochism Domain spells [Note: All spells are able to target self. And all spells MUST Target self or be centered on self. Save for Implosion.]
  1. Inflict light wounds
  2. Inflict moderate wounds
  3. Inflict serious wounds
  4. Inflict Critical wounds
  5. Inflict light wounds mass
  6. Inflict moderate wounds mass
  7. Inflict serious wounds mass
  8. Inflict critical wounds mass
  9. Implosion