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The White System System is a science-fantasy role-playing setting based on the fictional star system created by Joss Whedon for his Firefly television series and the movie, Serenity, which it later inspired. The setting blends elements from a variety of sources for game mechanics, but is based primarily on the Pathfinder SRD by Paizo Publishing. The first design principle adopted for the adaptation of the Pathfinder rules for a science-fiction setting was to transpose the rules, with as little change as possible, to a modernized setting. The result, of course, is not science-fiction but rather science-fantasy.

Which leads to the second design principle: the influence of science is emphasized over the influence of magic. The tone of the White Sun setting remains oriented toward science-fiction, with magic seeking a place of lesser importance within the realm of scientific principles.

The White Sun setting begins with the history of Earth That Was, based on the history of events contained in Joss Whedon's work, but it doesn't follow that history faithfully. Those looking for a canon rendition of the "Verse" will not find it here. The basic outline of events can be found in the excellent collection of official and fan-created information about the Verse posted by ELECTRICLION on I have taken this basic outline and added many of my own ideas to it, transforming it into a more science-fantasy setting in order to incorporate the elements of the Pathfinder rules as faithfully as possible.

Rather than rewrite the material available from excellent sources elsewhere, this wiki includes only that material which I have developed or which I have modified in some way myself.