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The world of Yggdrasil very closely resembles Medieval Earth, with a few fantastical twists.
The continent of Terra Australis Incognita has been untouched by humans, who are only just learning to sail.
The Folk of Terra Australis (Elves, Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes) consider stories of humans to be mere legends, due to the fact that they believe there is nothing across the Oceans.


  • Elves follow a regular calendar, naming the years after the ruler, followed by the amount of time he/she has ruled so far. ie "4th of March, in the 12th year of King Igneus"
    • The simpler communities use a more vague calendar, dividing the year into suns (days) moons (months) and seasons, and naming years after an event. ie "A summer sun in the year of huge carrots"
    • Dwarves have no need for calenders, days or seasons. When they feel it's time to work, sleep, eat or drink, that's what they do.
  • The world has one purple moon that behaves like the Moon we all know and love, with one minor difference, a comet which orbits the Moon once per 24 hours.
  • There is one yellow sun. Days are 24 hours long.