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I think it is only fair to post my expectations of the game. I would like to have personal character development and heavy inter-party roleplay as encountering non-zombie won't happen as much. The world is is turmoil, martial law has been declared in most countries and survival is now key. Prepare to be low on ammo and a horde at your back. Expect some character and NPC death from simply being unlucky, wrong place / wrong time to heroic sacrifice. It is time to find a safer place and hopefully the groans of the undead don't keep you awake.

My Experience:

I am kinda new to the pbp and somewhat to nWoD. I enjoy the nWoD system and the flexibility of it. I've run several nWoD games over a short time and I'll admit that I'm still learning the system. However, I believe I know enough to get by and I'm in the mood for a zombie survival. In other news, I have been roleplaying for 8-9 years, starting when I was around 14, and I'm now 23. I currently run a real-life DnD4e game set in the WotC Points of Light world, and I play in several other games at my FLGS: Alpha & Omega, a Dark Sun 4e, Warhammer 40k Deathwatch, and several misc one-shots games.

Also, I currently reside in Pitt and as Pitt is home of the zombie survival, I thought it would be cool to run it here.

House Rule:

You can spend a Willpower point to acquire an object within reason of the environment. More may be spent to find an unusual object. I also reserve the right to prepend a "Yes, and/but..." to any point(s) spent in this fashion. I.E. A gun or ammo might be found on a cop or at the police station. At a children's daycare, not so much.

Character Creation:

Players are normal, mortal human beings with lives once. They don't know of vampires, werewolves, or anything else. They certainly aren't Hunters, though they could be ghost hunters if one felt the need to make one. I'd like ask players to stick to an age range of 16-55. The players have no gear right now. Players may only drop one morality point to gain 5 XP at creation. Please provide a rough concept and backstory, more is always better.

Please only post final applications in the Applications thread. Feel free to toss around concepts in this ad thread.

Allowed Books: nWoD Core, Armory, Armory Reloaded, Tales of the 13th Precinct

Opening Scene:

Your sitting in the back of a army transport truck surrounded by people just like you 11 days ago. The military found you in some way and you are joining them to go back to Central Command in Pitt. Reaching the top of the hill at Greentree heading down I-376E and taking a chance to look around, you begin to get a very uncomfortable feeling.

Welcome to hell. We hope you survive your stay.