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Year Zero is a post-apocalyptic setting in the works for nWoD system, including all the genres. Please do not edit with out permission, that being said, if I have forgotten anything feel free to add them, this is a fairly large project and help would always be welcome, if you have and idea for a country, city or region, or anything from the individual settings please get in contact. Thanks.



  • 30th of December 1999- A computer hacker breaches the British Ministry of Defense computer system, planting a hidden virus somewhere within the system.
  • 31st of December 1999- The virus goes active comprising the computer system, leaving it open to another attack. The virus infects all the systems attached to the original computer. At 23:56 all missiles (including Nuclear) were launch simultaneously around the world.
  • 00:01 1st of January 2000- Year Zero of the human race.
  • The year is 2401, and humanity clings on to survival, its not an easy life, but life. Across the world people live in a mixture of small farming settlements, large ruined cities and there are rumors of government/military controlled compounds. Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, Mages, Prometheans and other Supernaturals all still exist on varying levels, hiding in exile or within the pockets of humanity.

The World

When the bombs dropped the resulting impact created unnatural pockets of extreme weather that does not suit the surrounding environment for example while the majority of Europe has remained the same, Great Britain is a frozen tundra.

North America

East Coast

The bombs did more damage to central and eastern American than the rest, this resulting in the Eastern Exodus as much of the surviving population of American crossed the country to the less damaged Western coast. The ruins Los Angeles and Seattle are the two largest "free" settlements on the Western Coast. While the city of Las Veg=as is said to be abandoned by humanity rumors say something else has taken up residence there, far away from mortals go.

Los Angeles is a completely free city with no government or hierarchy, as a result there is often a great deal of violence as the strongest simply take what they want. It is also a city ruled by crime, drugs and prostitution. The vampire bloodline known as the Bruja can be regularly found in L.A. running drugs or dealing in human trafficking.

Seattle on the other hand, is city with a clear structure. The city is ruled over by a Mayor who decides what is legal and whats illegal, and there is a police force establishment who enforce these law. This has resulted in a far safer environment than Los Angeles, with a much smaller drug and crime problem. The Mayor is elected by those granted full citizenship, of course the Mayor decides who is granted this and thus lies the problem, the current Mayor, Hank Rogers, has been in power for twenty years.


Across central America there are very few settlements with a population over 100 hundred, however a few do exist. Dallas is the largest settlement between the coasts, with a population going on 15,000 people. The city itself is walled off from the outside world and very rarely are outsiders allowed in. The city is ruled by the Chief, a tyrant who rules with strict authority, laws that are broken result in severe punishment to deter others from doing the same. In recent time it is common for younger resident to leave Dallas in search of a new home, but there are always people willing to live under authority for the protection it offers.

West Coast

Great Britain

After Year Zero, Britain's climate became unnaturally cold, almost to the point of being Arctic in Winter. Most of Britain is covered in snow, especially areas within Wales and Scotland.


England, compared to the other countries that make up Great Britain, is the warmest, and in area of the South West farming communities thrive. Unlike America, England features less small settlements with the majority of the population living in cities like Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Hull. The city of London was abandoned not long after Year Zero, humanity forced out by the Werewolves of the Pure tribes.

Ireland and Eire


South America




The Residents


Humanity adapts and survives. Around the world humans live in varying environments and they continue to survive. While the majority of humans have remained "pure" there are those who have mutated slightly. If the mutation is severe the individual faces exile, execution or experiments, if the mutation is able to be hidden, they can live a normal life in the wastes of the world.


Vigil can never end, even after the Apocalypse. The Cells, Compacts and Conspiracies change but the torch still burns. Humanity finds itself in a hostile world with creatures of evil surrounding them.


The Lost

The Autumn Court
The Spring Court
The Summer Court
The Winter Court
The North Court
The East Court
The South Court
The West Court

The Fae







The Damned

The Carthian Movement
The Circle of Crone
The Invictus
The Lancea Sanctum
The Ordo Dracul

The Enemy

Belial's Brood


The Forsaken

Blood Talons
Bone Shadows
Hunter in Darkness
Iron Masters
Storm Lords
Ghost Wolves

The Pure

Ivory Claws
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Bale Hounds

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