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Glantri - AE Version

This is a version of Glantri based on the Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved setting. I think Glantri is a place made to really show off the versatility of the AE magic system.

Introduction to Glantri

"A realm where only crazy old wizards with no business ruling are considered nobility. That's Glantri. I can't believe they have lasted this long." - Joshua Gallidox, halfling adventurer.

"The magocracy of Glantri seems a bastion of peace and civilization - once you get past all the cataclysms, rebellions, wars, plagues, and invasions, that is." Heret Ghuldaur, Official Historian of the Principalities of Glantri

Great School of Magic


The currency of Glantri is as follows:

  • Crown (Platinum Piece) {glow with a faint silvery light}
  • Ducat (Gold Piece)
  • Sovereign (Silver Piece)
  • Penny (Copper Piece)