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GM Workshop Index

This is a table of contents for articles created on the: GM Workshop

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In addition to the active discussions in the forum, you can find articles here on the MW Wiki.


Call to Adventure

How to advertise for maximum impact

All your preparation comes to naught if the players don't bite. This forum is dedicated to discussing how to catch and hold your players' attention, and the specifics of adventure creation.

Campaign HQ

Multiple Adventures that Depict multiple Stories, often including lots of traveling in between

A "campaign" is a series of adventures related in some manner, think of a CRPG like Baldur's Gate or Neverwinter Nights. Perhaps you have a grand plot - much like a series of novels - that is too large to be contained within a single adventure. Maybe you just want to tell the story of the Player Characters for as long as the game holds together. Whatever the reason, long-running campaigns have some unique issues.

Encounter Planning

Simple combat, one-shot tasks, or quests

Encounters are the meat of any game. Encounters are where the action is. But what makes an encounter? How do you know when one starts? How do you know when one ends? How many encounters make an adventure? Hopefully we'll find the answers to these questions here.


Useful tools for running your game

Do you have a nifty tool that makes your life as a GM easier? Are you looking for a tool to make your life as a GM easier? Post things like generators, calculators, articles, and more here.

Running the Game

How to handle the responsibilities of GM, from rules adjudication to dealing with missing players

The art of being a Game Master is one that takes time to master, but it helps to learn from the experience of others. Many of these articles deal with the intricacies and idiosyncrasies of the play-by-post format

World Building

What GM hasn't pondered the creation of his own little universe?

Discuss the ins and outs of branching away from the "default" worlds detailed in the published rulebooks. Discuss creation of custom powers, classes, spells, locations, planes, people, campaigns, history - all the things settings such as The Forgotten Realms or Eberron bring to their games.