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Rule Zero

Myth-Weavers Staff are the final arbiters.

Hate Speech

Posted material is not be defamatory, abusive, bullying, harassing, racist, hateful, or violent. It may not include ethnic slurs, religious intolerance, homophobia, or personal attacks.

Intellectual Property Violations

Posted material is not to violate copyright, patent, or other intellectual property laws nor solicit, encourage or endorse such actions. Staff will act when there is any appearance or suggestion of infringement to ensure the site is protected.

Explicit Content

Posted material is not to include obscene, indecent, or offensive content, description or discussion of illicit drugs, sexually suggestive content, or appeal to a prurient interest.

Sexual Harassment

Unsolicited statements made with sexual or implied sexual tones towards other members, regardless of the genders of those involved, constitutes sexual harassment. If someone tells you to stop and/or states they are uncomfortable with what was said, stop immediately.

Sexual harassment is considered a serious rule violation, and may result in action up to and including a permanent ban from the site and Discord server.

English Language

For various reasons, including moderation ability and site inclusiveness, all posts in the public parts of the board are to be made in English, this includes Game Planning and Game Ads. In addition, games advertised or with planning threads on site must be run in English. If you have a pre-existing group of friends and wish to run a game in another language, please seek admin approval

Keep it Civil

Don't engage in personal attacks, name-calling, or blanket generalizations.

Opinion Pieces

Often, discussion threads will cover topics that are subjective in nature, and on which members have deeply held and wildly divergent opinions (e.g., the Star Wars franchise, use or non-use of particular game systems, rule sets, house rules). Do not post an extensive “opinion piece” to describe your undying love or loathing of the topic at hand; such “rants” only serve to start an argument or monopolize the dialogue, neither of which are healthy for community discourse. If you have already made your immutable opinion known in one discussion of a topic, and that topic subsequently comes up in another thread, it is your responsibility to avoid participation.


  1. Guidelines, “Don't start nothing, won't BE nothing”
  2. In Spirit, “A Community Member”
  3. Moderation Guide, “Infractions and Points - Repeat Behavior”

Report, Don't Respond

Use the Report button to notify Myth-Weavers Staff of rules violations, do not respond or take rules enforcement into your own hands.

One Account Per Person

Do not register multiple accounts. If you need your account name changed, or if you have multiple accounts already, contact Myth-Weavers Staff to resolve the issue.

Commercial Use

Myth-Weavers is not for commercial use. Do not use the web site for selling or promoting a product or service for commercial gain unless it answers a specific question, is relevant to an existing, active discussion, or has specific Myth-Weavers Staff approval. Pay to play or donate to play games fall under Commercial Use and are not allowed on the site.

Offsite Advertising/Gaming

Myth Weavers exists as a complete play-by-post gaming website. Advertising other sites on Myth Weavers or using parts of Myth Weavers to advertise games that will be played exclusively on other sites is not permitted. Feel free to use site resources such as sheets and wiki but do not advertise the game.

Use of the Games & Ads forum to advertise for your game is permissible if and only if the game is being played in some capacity via Myth-Weavers (specify what in the ad), and the ad title and description explicitly call out any external tool usage. While you are free to establish a game here and play via Roll20, IRC, Skype, or Tabletop, etc, at least some part of the gaming must take place at Myth-Weavers. That can come in many forms, including but not limited to an adventure log or OOC forum.

Again, games are subject to all site content rules, which means that linking to inappropriate material is still prohibited.

Worldly Talk

Worldly Talk (discussion of topics pertaining to morality, philosophy, religion, politics, and other big real world issues) is prohibited from the site after numerous, repeated past incidents. If staff states a conversation should change the direction in which it is going, heed that advice.

Attempts to Circumvent Rules

Attempts to circumvent rules, whether by self-censoring expletives in a fashion to obfuscate them or prevent their being filtered, or disclaiming rules breaking (mea culpa) may be regarded as a separate offense in addition to what is being circumvented.


Posted material refers to any material, or references (such as hyperlinks) to material passed to Myth-Weavers via a form, including, but not limited to: Attachments, Character Sheets, Posts (in game or not), Private Messages, User Notes, and Visitor Comments.

Private material (including Private Messages, Private Threads, and material in Private Tags), should not be construed to create any actual expectation of privacy. "Private" material is more accurately described as material that may require permissions checks before being displayed.

Disclaimer These rules constitute a declaration of authority to moderate, edit, delete, or undelete any posted material to enforce rules enumerated, implied, or unwritten, and for Myth-Weavers Staff to act on their judgment. They do not constitute an obligation of enforcement.