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===Grimi Toeberry 52===
===Grimi Toeberry 52===
:Grimi is the town drunk.  He is also a master wood worker who spends many a early afternoon doing amazing work before spending everything on whatever drink takes his fancy that night.
:Grimi is the town drunk and youngest son of Waltin.  He is also a master wood worker who spends many a early afternoon doing amazing work before spending everything on whatever drink takes his fancy that night.
===Befo Oark 46===
===Befo Oark 46===

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Big World/NPCs Index

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The Village of Heawold

The Elders

Fortolm Obwood - 113

Fortolm is the Chief of Heawold. A small man with once exceptionally quick fingers he suffered badly during the war and his health has never fully recovered. He has two daughters, both who have become accomplished teachers and nurses and look after the children of the village.

Waltin Toeberry- 88

Waltin is the normally placid assistant to Fortolm and effectively second in charge of the village. His oldest son married Marina Bulgebottle. His youngest, not quite right since the war, spends his time either carving beautiful wooded sculptures or drinking.

Vicar Fetemar - 145

The oldest of them all. He tends to spend a lot of time napping between healthy meals but can still call up a storm when he feels the need.

Sengo Mugwest - 112

Sengo is the fittest strongest warrior in the town and the only one who actually believed that the village was under threat from somewhere, something that he has been saying for the past 80+ years and had actually been proved right once. During the attack at night he sustained both a concussion, a broken arm and numerous contusions.

Adan Barrelgut - 89

Adan is the senior hunter of the village and responsible for training all those interested in trapping and hunting. He rarely does any hunting himself anymore as his limp slows him down too much.

The Village Folk

Baldes - 48

Baldes is the villagers master carpenter. A tall lean man with many scars from his fighting in the war.

The Toeberry's

Marina 61 & Vinto 65 Toeberry. Maarina is the twin sister of the late Marissa Bulgebottle. Vintor is the eldest son of Waltin. They have two young children, Mya and Milton.

Januette Barrowmarch 74

Januette is the widow of Sackso Barrowmarch. Originally from Toiwold she now works for the Overhill family.

The Athyews

Stephye Athyew married Cora nee Ugwort now both deceased had two sons. Stiny Athyew married Daldra nee Fairboph and had sons Erias and Tharry. Erias met an unfortunate and likely magical end many years ago. Tharry is still in school. Sengrim Athyew married Eryn nee Bexle and had three children, Ancin who died in a similar manner to his cousin Erias, daughter Audreyn, and son Symond.

The Overhills

The rather well off Overhills run the only Cider factory in the village. The females of the Overhill family produce the cider whilst the men are responsible for looking after the orchard. Magda is 65, married to the eldest of the Senior Overhill's sons and has two daughters of her own, Cindy the oldest at 31 is an apprentice, Emily the youngest at 12 is still undertaking schooling.

The Cressholds

Abowith 69, Joy 66 and Tidhock 31, The Cressholds are a well to do family. Tidhock was a bit of a bully at school and still holds himself with somewhat of an air.

Fendrib Wysell 36

Fendrib is a large and somewhat slow thinking young man. Has been working at the mill loading and unloading the grinder and sacks. Has developed an impressive strength. He is the son of Daisa and grandson of the chief. He is often seen "hanging around" with Tidhock Cresshold.

Dill 31

Dill is a smaller then normal build, his family are shepherds, selling wool, leather and meat.

Marcillo Wyne 44

One of the villager's brewmasters, a beer bellied man who takes everything seriously and brewing and drinking most seriously of all. Grows hops and barley and runs a water driven mill beside the river.

Grimi Toeberry 52

Grimi is the town drunk and youngest son of Waltin. He is also a master wood worker who spends many a early afternoon doing amazing work before spending everything on whatever drink takes his fancy that night.

Befo Oark 46

Befo is short but almost as wide as he is tall. It's a source of continual wonder how he manages to get all the way to Ewnham forest for each trading day with the Goblins. Of course his son and the trading days is all he lives for since his wife passed away five years ago during a bad winter.

The Taken

Cilia Obwood 86

Eldest daughter of Fortolm and senior nurse and teacher for the children. Even tinier that both Fortolm and his wife she is one of the smallest adults in the village. She is shorter than many of her older students.

Daisa Wysell 65

Nurse Daisa is the second and younger daughter of Fortolm and like her older sister has devoted her life to raising the villages children. She has three grown up children, Fendrib being the oldest. Whilst not as skilled a teacher as her sister she shines when it comes to helping the wounded.

Emily Overhill 12

Daughter of Magda Overhill and sister to Emily.

Tharry Athyew 12

Tharry is the nephew of Cora Athyew and cousin to Symond.

The Toeberry Children

The two children of Marina Toeberry

Jafo Oark 14

Little Jafo is a bit of mischief maker and enjoys practical jokes.