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The Front Lobby


This is the front lobby, where all the new arrivals and returning guests come in. Don't worry, you're not dead, you're just in a different place now. Sadly, it's probably going to be a little while before you could head back to wherever it is you came from... but don't worry, the Crossroads Inn is a place of wonder and amazement that is best lived at high speed!

What is this place, you ask? Well, to be honest, I've been here my whole life and no one, regardless of how convincing they are, is absolutely certain. Sure, occasionally some mystic or deity pops in and has some metaphysical lecture on theories that even sound right, but no one has ever quite figured it out.

What we do know is this place exists as some sort of spatial and temporal point of correspondence where one can visit another world simply by walking through a door, so be careful which doors you open. In most cases, they don't ever go to the same place twice. The great news is that you can meet all kinds of people from all walks of life and have adventures untold!

Well, sort of untold, generally lots of the adventurer types like to tell some of their exaggerated exploits in the Pub. Come right this way and I'll show you around...

The Golems


These here stone golems that line the walls, they are the "security". We get all kinds here, from powerful wizards to demon princes and avatars of the gods... anyway, you get the idea, there's a lot of mixed company. The golems make sure no one gets out of line, since (as far as anyone can tell) they are completely indestructible, and no one has ever stood after confronting them. Otherwise, though, they just stand there, waiting for someone to get rowdy or try something silly. Mostly, they're just for show. People learn pretty quick it's not wise to start trouble here.

Come right on over this way...

The Halls


As I said before, within these halls are doors to other worlds undreamed. Don't just wander around opening doors, we've lost some good patrons that way. Once, I saw some merchant trying to get back home to his family with his profits from here and opened a door without a key. A whole bunch of tentacles came out and nabbed him. Gotta be careful around here! The only way to be sure where you're going is to use a key, and to do that you have to see Jonas.

The Front Desk


The front desk is where Jonas diligently serves. He's pleasant but not too bright, though he manages to keep the room keys organized. If you ever want to rent or buy a private room, just see him. I never really understood how he could keep thousands of keys straight in his head but he can't even manage to carry a conversation. He mostly just stares blankly till comes along wanting a key...

Anyway, let's go meet some of the other personnel.

The Money Changer


Szaabo is the money changer. He's shrewd, miserly, and meticulous in his counting, and has some lovely magic scales to make sure people aren't trying to trade him counterfeit coin. He is also the only one who seems to have the magic to move ownership of items as everyone here is more of a mirage than a person. He can conduct trades, for a fee of course. He charges one Inn Gold for a trade or five percent of the item's value, whichever is greater.

The Item Mall



This place is called Mingot's Emporium. Here you can find just about anything. The goblins are wise businessmen and set up shop a long time ago realizing the potential for trade profits here. The Mingot Cartel have a full monopoly over goods here, with exception to Tim's enchanting racket. The goblins aren't terribly pleasant folk, but they do trade fairly.


In the back of Mingot's you'll find Otiian. He's an Elan Psionicist that specializes in psychic tattoos, but he does regular ones and body piercing as well for those with such proclivities.

The Enchanter



Tim is a bit kooky, but he's completely harmless. Tim has a rare gift that he can take an item that you bring with you from another world that is still fading and he can make it yours, permanently, for a fee. Apparently, the more potent the item is the more energy it takes to weld to your spirit or something like that. I've never understood it. The important thing to know is that if you don't go see Tim right after arriving here, your items will fade from existence in minutes, so make it a point to see him right after you leave a world.

The Stables


Are you the type that likes to have an animal companion? Perhaps a noble steed? While we let some smaller animals accompany you at the Inn, larger animals have to stay here, but don't worry, you can visit them any time!

The Arena

20ixsfm.jpg Nex.jpg

I don't know why anyone would want to fight, but someone always has to make a big deal about how tough they are.

Battlemaster Gormyr is in charge of setting the agreements and rules for battles in the arena. Gormyr has the presence of a big top ringmaster and makes all battles sound tragic and exciting if you happen to be spectating a particular brawl.

Before he was the battlemaster, Gormyr came here as an adventurer. In his quests, he lost his eye and earned his wooden leg but still enjoys the thrill of battle! He started this little side business so he can still live vicariously. If you ever want to test your mettle against your peers, this is the place to do it.

And then of course, there's Room 13...

Room 13


We don't like to talk about this place much; it's kind of bad mojo... Sometimes the guests... You know, they get out of hand, and then they keep getting out of hand. This door is the only of its kind and it can only be opened by the golems. Anyone that goes through it, they don't come back. So, lets just keep going and I'll show you where all the action is at!

The Crossroads Inn Pub





Welcome to the Crossroads Inn Pub! This is the place where you can meet everyone and anyone! Around here you'll meet people of all kinds. Once, I even saw an Archon and a Baalor discussing personal politics peaceably, strange I know.


Over at the bar is Thugruk, he's the bartender. He can mix you anything you want to drink. He's been here even longer than I have. Doesn't talk much, though, mostly just listens.


This is Dee Dee. She's rather bouncy and bubbly and keeps the complimentary buffet stocked and plates cleared on the tables. She'll deliver drink orders as well. Her own personal *ahem* assets are not for sale.


If you peek through the kitchen door, you just might see our cook, Cookie. He's gentle for a Baalor, just don't ask about the ingredients.

That's the Crossroads Inn. I think you should be able to handle yourself from here. If you ever have famous adventures come tell me about them, maybe I'll weave a myth into a song about them some time in the pub!

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