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The order of the Black hand was founded 200 years ago by Hubert the Magus. According to legend he became a mage when he was tricked by a conspiricy hatched either by his mrntor or a local Lord in need of mages into killing his wife in a fit of jealousy. Whether the legend is true or if he was simply a violent and jealous husband is questioned widely and within the group. The fact that he was wracked by guilt and spent his career trying to bring her back is not in dispute. the end result of his effort was to establish the Order of the Black hand, which opposes mechanisations and political schemes used to generate mages, ans will whose members are forbidden from taking apprentices until they have learned the resurection spell.


Initiation into the Order of the Black Hand is unique. members are chosen for their intelligence, and then a relative or loved one is sought out for a sacrifice. The sacrifice is one that members are only able to make because of their confidence that their mentor will resurect their loved one, so that the death will not be permenant, and the fact that the sacrifice is a volunteer.