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World War III ravaged the homeworld of humanity, wiping out most of its once-vast population. The war was so devastating, in fact, that it accomplished the most monumental feat of all human history- world peace. The survivors forged the Great Treaty, abolishing the nationalism of ages past and handing governance of humanity to a global republic, a hierarchy of democratic sectors and subsectors that gave each person an equal, compulsory say in who would be running the show.

Now, closing in on the 150th anniversary of the Great Treaty, humanity has spread out to colonise the solar system. Arcologies designed to provide homes to thriving communities in the aftermath of nuclear devastation have been adapted to provide temporary homes on any terrestrial planets and moons, while Mars is deep into the slow terraforming process. The gas giants are mined for what seem like limitless resources.

Now that the survivors of the last war are all long dead, humanity is beginning to forget why the Great Treaty was created...

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