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Earth's only natural moon, Luna is a barren rock with no atmosphere to speak of. Due to the tremendous wartime advantages of a base in stable orbit of Earth, Luna was hotly contested territory during WWIII.

Now, Luna is famous for two things: rich people, and scavengers. The rich people make it their home, with Luna still being considered part of "Earth" while being lofty enough for a home there to be a powerful status symbol. The scavengers comb the vast desert surface for battlefields, searching them for whatever items of value they can find- and even the occasional underground bases, still stocked with supplies enough to survive a nuclear holocaust.

Luna is also the home of Earth's largest spaceport. As most spacecraft are incapable of entering atmosphere, the presence of an atmosphereless moon allowed construction of a spaceport without the cost involved in having it maintain its own orbit.

Construction is currently in progress on the TerraLuna Space Elevator.

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