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The northern culture as it is called is the predominate culture on the northern continent made up of Phauns and Elks.

Phauns stand no taller than 4 feet tall and even the fattest among them does not outweigh your standard dwarf. Hair, skin tone, and eye color usually trend towards earthly colors, but that doesn't mean there are no blonde or blue eyed Phauns (they are just simply rarer). Redheads are even more rare and like to consider themselves 'closer' to their original Elk-mother or Elka, but it's only a superstitious notion. They do wear clothing, crafted from various sources, and have been known to adorn their fur legs with trinkets and baubles. Some of the warriors sharpen their hooves for pride reasons, but rarely do they use them for anything but for show. They are omnivorous, but subsist mostly on fresh meat. Those who live on the mainland hunt mammoths and other herd beasts. Those living on the coast or on Crystillus isle engage in fishing.

The phauns are a highly ambitious people which has driven them to be great craftsmen. To support this they have specialized and so phauns often dedicate their lives to individual crafts. The phuans driven by their ambitious nature have also become great traders. They have spread their alphabet and religion across the world. They are economically the most powerful race, although the upper classes of the refugees are as a whole richer.

While the phaun may be of one of the most widespread races on the globe and much more influence on the world stage, in their homeland they coexist with the elk of the wild tundra. The elk are a vital part of this culture as they are themselves sentient. The elk contribute little to the economic side of the society, but they are very important in other ways. The elk protect their phaun friends from the savage dire bears that roam the region and also from the worst of the weather effects using their nature magic. Whenever a bad storm is sensed heading towards a phaun settlement the nearest herd of Elk arrive and using the magic that many of their race are born with they allow the bad weather to pass over the phauns without any danger. This is vital to survival on the northern continent as the freezing temperature and short days mean that all life is a struggle.

The phauns in order to repay the kindness of the elk create pouches and ornaments that they can strap around themselves. This allows the elks to use their telekinesis which they can only use in short bursts to pick up objects and carry them long distances. There is also the festival of summerbloom in which all the elks converge on a large clearing which is also called summerbloom. The clearing is at the center of a heavily woodened area and has a stream flowing around three quarters of its perimeter. The phauns every year just before the start of summer spread out a feast for their elk friends. Many of the elk herds who spend the summer in the westerlands gather to spend a day feasting and frolicking around the clearing. Then just before nightfall all the elks gather and perform a highly choreographed dance which the phaun watch from the other side of the stream drumming the beat of the dance. It makes for an amazing g spectacle and people travel from all around to watch it.

The other site important to this culture is the place of hidden flowers. These flowers only bloom during the most severe of winters, but visitors seek the clearing out to worship the forces of nature all year around. During the depths of winter the flowers keep the area around them warmer so that those who seek shelter here don’t freeze to death.

The religious views of the northern culture are split in two. Half of the phauns and the majority of the elks worship the forces of nature and their embodiment in Jareedu, Alrissa her daughter Elka. The phauns who practice this form of religion also worship their forefather and foremother Porphyrios and Amyon.

The other major religion is the order of enlightenment. A group based on the worship of all the gods except the spirit of cessation. They coexist happily however as they both acknowledge the legitimacy of the other religion. The order of enlightenment is based on the crystilus isle at the temple of Avgud Divus. This is where the historian lives. Leviticus the historian writes down all the history of the world. And is an influential figure in phaun and elk society. The order of enlightenment is based on the belief that greatest mission for living being was to resist the forces of cessation and to live as long and as well as they could and to help others to do likewise. To fight until the end and to never given in or feel apathy for anything. The library is open to anyone and help is always available there to those who need it.