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The Renyans are a blue skinned humanoid people. The possible hair colours for the race were white, pink, red, blonde, purple and ginger. Their eyes always range from pink to purple, though a few had blue eyes. They are vegetarians. They are highly intelligent species, capable of faster reasoning then most sentient races. They are generally kind and individuals are normally guided by a strict moral compass. Despite their intelligence and mortality they are often not particularly accepting of outsiders.

The Renyan culture does not just include the species it is named after however, it is also the home of dragons or guardians as they are called. The guardians as a race exist to serve their Renyan masters and help with all manner of things be it defences or simply heavy lifting. The Renyan also provided for and build shelters for the guardians so they lived happy lives. The guardians when standing on two feet range from 10 to 20ft in size. In colour, their tough scales come in all hues, from red, to blue, to a shining gold. The colour of their scales affect their main methods of defence; a powerful breath-based power. The red ones can shoot fierce jets of flame, the gold ones lightning. Dragons are unable to speak the Renyan tongue, but this is simply due to the shape of their mouths, they can understand instructions perfectly, which is important as they are physically unable to ignore instructions from a Renyan. They have no language of their own, instead communicating a great deal through body language and gestures. They also find learning to read and write extremely difficult so only a few of their race have master these abilities thus it can occasionally be difficult to understand dragons when they have complex points to convey. Most guardians are perfectly happy with their lives it is only a small minority that see themselves as slaves.

The Renyan culture is one of the widest spread in the world. It spreads across a large area. This is mostly due to their low population density. There is no such thing as a Renyan city, instead they live in a collection of wide spread villages. This is mostly because the Renyan are grazers. While farming is not unknown to them they have no system of currency and little understanding of good agricultural practices so they mostly live off what grows naturally. Thus only a small number can be supported in one place.

The homeland of the Renyan known simply as grassy island is covered in Renyan villages from coast to coast. The only common food here is the grass itself so not as many people can live in one place as in other more fertile areas. There is no central government as it takes many months to walk from one side of the massive island to the other, but there is the council of elders on the eastern coast that all Renyan look to for guidance. The home of the elders is the largest settlement on the island. The elders are chosen by reputation, thus when the current elders hear of a wise and prudent Renyan who is old enough to be considered an elder they invite them to join the council. These elders are then consulted on matters from people from all around.

Amongst the elders is also the elder guardian. The only guardian who can talk he has lived since the beginning of the guardian race. He organises the distribution of guardians across the land as to where they are most needed. He is also the commander of the dragon riders, a military force charged with protecting all Renyans, although this title is mostly honorary as almost all the force is away in the sundrinker forest fighting trenchermen thousands of kilometres away.

The Renyan who live on the southern peninsular just across the narrow strait from the grassy island are a peaceful people. They are far removed from conflict and live in a much more fertile land then those who stayed in the homeland. Many fruit bearing bushes and trees grow here and so there is much more to eat allow settlements here to be slightly bigger in size. The bigger more efficient settlements mean that the people here prosper without as much guardian help and so dragons are a fairly rare sight here. Perhaps it is because they are not as needed that the people here are less in favour of the guardian’s slavery. This is the home turf of the guardian liberation league an organisation that seeks to free the dragons form their slavery. They already managed to set up a colony of free dragons in the rainforest. The league can’t operate on the grassy island where the elder guardian and his loyal cronies have to tight a reign on things, nor can they get many recruits from around the sundrinker forest where people think they need the guardians to defend themselves.

The second area of overseas colonisation is the western part of the central expanse. The Renyans here live constantly at war. They fight the Trenchermen a race whom they see as evil cannibals and who they are fairly sure have carnal relations with their rynnocs, this is of course absurd as given the deadly electrical current that flows through a living rynnoc’s skin it can reasonably be assume dthat any live trencherman has done nothing of the kind. Still the hatred go deep and it is not entirely without cause. The Trenchermen in retaliation fo the raids against their own settlements lead nighttimes attacks against settlements all over this land, capturing, killing and devouring any Renyans they can get their hands on.

The war is mostly a volunteer effort. Given that there is no organised government raids into the sundrinker forest are organised by the dragon riders an organisation that survives off the kindness of the general population. It is seen as a duty to give a portion of what you collect to the dragon riders and it is a great honour to host a soldier at your table. Still it is not just these train military people who launch attacks. Many assaults are lead simply by groups of hot headed youths who think they can change the world and destroy the trencherman menace.