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Please advise me of any experience purchases before you note them on your sheet

Please note the purchase of anything in an XP Log in your character sheet.

Please list the source anything comes from that is not from core. I know most stuff pretty well and where its listed, however listing still makes my job easier.

I will not allow home-brew merits.

Attribute - New dots x 5

Skill - New dots x 3

Skill Specialty - 3 points

Merit - New dots x 2

Conscience - New dots x 3

Willpower - 8 points

Health - 10 points

In regards to Merits -

This is not so much a house rule but as a reminder, as this is something that is a common issue with WoD games. The existence of MET (Mind's Eye Theater) LARP and its slight variations on some rules can at times cause confusion. The largest of these is the different in the purchase of Merits. I will be using RAW per Tabletop in regards to Merits.

Each Merit has a number of dots (•) associated with it. These dots represent the cost of each Merit at character creation. Some Merits have a range of dots available (e.g., • to ••••). You can purchase as many or as few dots as suit your character concept.

Some Merits are inborn traits (like Ambidextrous). These can only be purchased at character creation and are labeled appropriately. Most Merits can be developed over time or with training (and therefore bought with experience points). Merit dots must be purchased sequentially with experience points. To get to Fighting Style: Boxing •••, for instance, you must first purchase Boxing • (for two experience points) and Boxing •• (for an additional four experience points) to get to Boxing ••• (for still six more experience points, for a total of 12 experience points). This even applies to a Merit like Danger Sense, only available at ••: you must buy the first dot (two experience points), then the second dot (four experience points, for a total of six), before you gain the benefit of the Merit — there is no credit for one point of Danger Sense.